Luxurious marriage car is bright the secret worry of backside
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"Now, marriage the marriage car that celebrates the market to go up has many it is two handcart. These car appearance look very scene, but often use fixed number of year long, car condition is not quite good, put in many safe hidden trouble. " a marriage of Xinjiang Urumqi city celebrates company boss to disclose to the reporter say.
Circumstance if it is so? Recently, the reporter rents the discovery after the market undertakes investigating to the marriage car of Urumqi city, a lot of new personality marry still basically is support marriage celebrates a company to establish greet close motorcade. However, marriage the marriage car that celebrates company piece together to search often car condition each different, and lack consolidates management, hiding really a lot of safe hidden trouble.

Two handcart " pack " hind flow into marriage celebrate the market

The reporter discovers in investigation, black city marriage celebrates a company to greet close car without his commonly. In the meantime, the marriage that serves as intermediary celebrates a company, the luxurious car that can not come to searching has effective government, bring about a lot of two handcart to flow into marriage celebrate the market.
Recently, the reporter is in to Urumqi a marriage celebrates formal company dark when visitting, this company boss Mr Guo gives " bridegroom " -- the marriage car album that the reporter provided its company. On this album, the plate of a lot of marriage cars wait for nob with A of A of short for Zhejiang Province, B of short for Zhejiang Province, cloud, laurel A. The gentleman that occupy Guo introduces, these cars all are two handcart.
Some marriage celebrate a company to reduce cost, reduce marriage car as far as possible the charge such as care and maintenance, cause marriage car car condition extreme difference. Marry especially fastigium, marriage car use frequency is tall, such case appears more easily.

Lengthen marriage car has feline dirt through changing one's costume or dress more

Car of marriage of bright and clinking lengthen, train in excess specified length, no matter where open, it is the focus that everybody fixes eyes on. However, these see the high-grade car that is like luxurious, price not to poor, rear however under cover be bored with of a lot of cats.
The reporter understands in interview, the car of luxurious lengthen marriage that a few marriage of black city celebrate a company has many it is to change one's costume or dress car.
Black city some marriage celebrates company controller to divulge, "Change one's costume or dress the car has two kinds, one kind is secondhand Kaidilake car or small-sized van, the price is controlled in 100 thousand yuan; Another kind is the Kaidilake that discard as useless car, buy valence to be controlled in 559 yuan. Such car is sent a car to change one's costume or dress after the factory, automobile body intermediate incision, axle is mixed chassis is factitious lengthen, solder with angle iron next good railroad car and door, final spray paint. Such ' make ' average person looks not to come out at all on the lengthen car exterior that come out. And ' make ' charge also is controlled 50 thousand yuan nevertheless. Will tell commonly, flower 20 reach 300 thousand yuan, OK secondhand Kaidilake car ' make ' Cheng Guangliang is like new lengthen luxurious car. The car of luxurious lengthen marriage of hire of high price of a few new personality, its actually real value still is inferior to common and homebred car. Its actually real value still is inferior to common and homebred car..
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