New talent is exquisite read marriage car to use a guideline
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value marriage celebrates wedding day, the marriage vehicle that becomes a group will make the scene with Beijing distinctive street again. Marrying is man and woman the 2nd of life begin, also be bridegroom, bride's most precious life show, each act should perfect, not be patient of any careless omission, because it will serve as the part with the most wonderful life to be in,remember li of perpetuation, and marriage car is the ornament with this indispensable memory. For this, the reporter visited a few marriage of the capital to celebrate a company.

  "Head car " the soul that is bridal motorcade

Bridal motorcade by " head car " and " trailing car " composition, "Head car " the soul that is motorcade, automobile body length and luxurious adornment are his main vitality, much by showily house car hold the position of. Be in at present Euramerican, press price and size commonly the car from low it is A00, A0, A, B, C, CD, D, E, F to high ordinal component, in all 9 class (our common Xiali is class A, sang Dana is CD class, ao Di is D class, laosilaisi, run quickly, Lincoln, Kaidilake for class of E, F) . Bridal " head car " constant by class of E, F limousine car takes on. At present Beijing deals with the marriage of marriage car business to celebrate a company to offer normally " head car " have: Laosilaisi, run quickly, lengthen Lincoln of Kaidilake, Kaidilake, lengthen, Lincoln, run quickly. "Trailing car " have: Ao Di, red flag, Sangdana 2000.

Of marriage car " no-no " with the implied meaning

The car is formerly " exotic " , went to China, because the difference of culture of custom habit, language arose a few interesting " abstain from " with the implied meaning:

Marry cannot use both sides car.

Both sides car is the optimal model that car stylist studies to achievement is made according to the aerodynamics originally, in Euramerican and extraordinary popularity, but both sides car went to China to be discriminated against however all the time, especially marriage car cannot take on with both sides car, main reason is both sides car made " after notting have " abstain from.

"Head car " with run quickly, "Trailing car " cannot use Sangdana.

Run quickly and although Sangdana is classical name car of Germany, but put together became however " hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent " (run quickly mulberry) .

White " head car " the implied meaning is lucky.

"Head car " if use argent Laosilaisi or be white run quickly, indicative bridegroom, bride lives to old age in conjugal bliss, hundred years good and.