Advocate dozen marriage car suits you which more (on)
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Welcome to my homepage Economy person: Economy of elegant cabinet   person: Everything is a center with economic viewpoint, in order to seek money, get an interest to be individual life aim. Businessman belongs to this kind more. Elegant cabinet: Elegant cabinet is the surveyor's pole model that day department car takes great pride, have the energy-saving advantage that save oil quite, but, of elegant cabinet energy-saving it is to already sacrificed it seems that the certain and crucial function of the car is cost. The right person: Ao Di (influence of   of Audi) A6 person: In order to achieve the goal that influence is the life, intense influence consciousness and influence are controlled desire, be worth in order to master power for maximum price. Leader figure belongs to this kind more. Ao Di (Audi) : Have Wang Zhe the Ao Di of wind model (what Audi) A6 already became the right and position almost in everybody heart is indicative, if use Ao Di (Audi) A6 establishs marriage motorcade, the wedding with grave air all stops eye ground. Society person: Society of the   that lead drive person: Value social value, in order to love society and the target that care other to be self-fulfilment, have keep in mind at pursueing social commonweal thing. The professional activist such as charity of sanitation of culture and education, society belongs to this type more. Lead drive: PASSAT leads drive is Shanghai masses is based on former Pasate and for China the market spends body custom-made in advanced car, in the series commonweal activity that conducts in Shanghai masses, everywhere receives the form of drive it is thus clear that.