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To every youth, marrying is life thing of one great rejoicing, and a organizing bridal motorcade also is wedding preparatory project main component. A lot of new personality want to take the opportunity extravagant, luxurious, use up oneself to be able to do wedding scene, creditably. Mr Zhou of 27 years old crosses paragraph of time to also wanted to marry this year, the marriage that the bridal organization that he thinks to the force of friend of car of have the aid of is him is the same as paragraph model with oneself motorcade, for this he found traffic stage designedly yesterday, want to be searched through electric wave and know more car friend.

 week gentleman this year 27 years old, although his wedding wants to just was held November, but the economy that introduces same brand car regards his marriage as motorcade is him however all the time the idea since. He thinks, youth marriage compares luxurious, style mostly now, and oneself call together economy car to regard as marry motorcade can reflect individual character and social sense more. Speak of when why choosing traffic stage to call together Cheyou, mr Zhou says, commute usually choose to listen to stage of the traffic that do not have stannum, consider the car friend that hears traffic station is more also additionally, go out transmission of oneself this one demand quickly.

 considers the fiancee that the young lady is Mr Zhou, she says, actually two people think of to be in when buying a car at the outset marrying to organized a car with oneself to be the same as a paragraph that day had better be concolorous motorcade.

 the car as a result of Mr Zhou him gentleman is swift, accordingly he all swift car friend appeal, organize motorcade of one Zhi Yuyan marriage at the appointed time. If have which swift car the word of active heart, can get in touch with stage of the traffic that do not have stannum.