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How is gauze of Chinese style formal attire, flowery marriage worn after all?
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Review wedding of an ancient name for China, marriage formal attire makes type basically have 3 kinds. It is respectively " Xuan Duan of a man's cap used in ancient times of the rank of nobility - 袡 of pure garment 纁 " , " Liang Guanli is taken - garment of ceremony of hairpin coin or money " with people relatively hep " 9 taste an official to take - short embroidered cape of phoenix coronet glow " . No matter how the times varies, that one is married the garment, it is each waiting for marry a daughter the clothes that fetch pulls a dream to entangle. The tradition that is in China is consuetudinary in, marry the garment is the most important dress in girl lifetime, it is mostly begin to do as a child by her girl, finish to the ability before getting married all the time, because this is married,the garment also placed all dream of girl girlhood almost.

Short embroidered cape of phoenix coronet glow is continuous after hundreds years, went to contemporary China, of the Chinese marry the garment becomes multifarious and nondescript: Gauze of coat of bright red embroider, Western-style marriage, broken beautiful turndown dacron, self-restrained gauze of marriage of gauze of marriage of type of dress, harbor, individual character... different years, different ceremony, different is to marry the garment, identical is to place a woman to look forward to indefinitely unripely to second half.

It is at the beginning of 20 centuries, chinese marriage the traditional style since celebration still is carrying axiomatic day. Bridal head wears head of red lid of phoenix coronet or silk, wear wide red robe, bridegroom criterion head wears the hat of Ying Luo, wear aba mandarin jacket. And dress of two new personality needs to have Long Feng, the honour flourish like indicative emperor and empress.

Arrived 1919 " 54 " before motion, chinese marriage still advocates gules, new personality prohibits wearing white dress absolutely. 20 centuries 20 time, western-style marriage gauze appears in China, and gradually in the bridal culture of infiltration China. From on 30 time have the century, popularity begins to wear white marriage gauze in the big city such as Shanghai 40 time around becomes the century on; of formal attire marriage a kind of fashion. The marriage gauze that began be worthy of the name from now on is illuminated.

Enter on 50 time go to the century on century 70 time, as a result of specific historical reason, marriage formal attire appeared fault: On the Chinese woman of 50 time is in the century the fashionable on wedding is broken beautiful little turndown blouse, and bridegroom chooses to wear Chinese tunic suit. Go up century 60 time - on century 70 time, marriage gauze is entered like the cheongsam " the FOUR OLDS " list, make bourgeois way of life and be swept to enter " historical rubbish dump " , new personality with can be being put on green of army type " Gong Weibing is taken " for flourish.
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