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Marriage gauze somebody is bought to jubilate on the net somebody care
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Compare gauze of the marriage that rent, the marriage gauze price that orders on the net is low and the person that order is had to marriage gauze " property right " , but also have newlywed person to its whether make sure quality and real effect express concern

The new personality that prepares to enter marital hall this year is distinct over in former years, accordingly " marriage gauze " industry business is prosperous all the more, not only need is booked ahead of schedule, and the price does not poor. Additional monarch of a few new personality paths, order marriage gauze through the network, make oneself become the true owner of marriage gauze, and the price that charge photograph compares gauze of the marriage that rent also is to differ very few.

Marriage gauze rents the price not to poor

Recently, the reporter is inside the inn of gauze of a marriage that is located in peaceful square, see the marriage gauze that putting each other of 10 kinds of several design, merchant tells a reporter, the price of gauze of the marriage that rent is in commonly 1000 yuan of above, design is newer need 229 yuan even, the renting price of general evening dress also is in 779 yuan. The time that rent is 3 days, when including bridal from beginning to end two days. But if be on bridal celebration,cause damage not carefully to marriage gauze, even additional deduct money, these need to sign a contract beforehand. When the reporter asks whether merchant can order marriage gauze, merchant expresses to order must shift to an earlier date a month, the price at least 3000 yuan, still suggest the client is rented so. "Hire gauze of a marriage in our inn commonly, two formal attire need 1000 yuan 3 or so. " merchant says. Around Xi'an road inn of gauze of a few marriage, a few look the marriage gauze with older style rents the price to also want 500 yuan of above, "We suggest new personality rents marriage gauze, compare what make marriage yarn or contrast material benefit. " a merchant says.

In interviewing, the reporter hears new personality to complain for many times: Wear 9 hours on the body only, on 1000 yuan money was done not have, this money nots worth beautifully! Of consumer but with businessman place character " substantial " formed sharp contrast.

Advantage of marriage gauze price is ordered on the net apparent

But also new personality both neither rents gauze of not custom-built also marriage, order on choice net however. Ms. Zhou that just married introduces to the reporter, her marriage gauze is ordered from the net, just spent 350 yuan. "Myself chooses design, kin friend still thinks is high price ' hire ' , I feel than hiring marriage gauze wants be to one's profit. " Ms. Zhou says, the marriage gauze that she still thinks to will been used nowadays undertakes auctioning on the net.

As we have learned, the newlywed person that resembles Ms. Zhou ordering marriage gauze on the net euqally nowadays is already increasing, the marriage gauze on Internet is drawing the look of people with its price advantage. The reporter sees in the shop on a few nets, the price of gauze of new fund marriage that a lot of businessmen offer on the net is 339 yuan only, the most expensive also do not cross 1000 yuan or so. "I concluded yarn of a marriage, two formal attire, still ordered a formal attire to a matron of honour, altogether has not spent on 1000 yuan. " Ms. Wang that wedding day should come immediately tells a reporter, total feeling rents the empty that marriage gauze money spends, and a commemoration day still can take after gauze of the marriage that order. The reporter contacted a merchant that is engaged in gauze of the marriage that order on the net yesterday, this merchant tells a reporter, she received more than 40 order Feburary.
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