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Marriage gauze chooses entire handbook
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The choice of marriage gauze color:

Marriage gauze is not lily-white certainly, requirement bride whole body matchs even tire is snow-white, be only then at Victoria empressTimes, that moment white represents joy, will enhance the sense of holy He Zhongzhen after that, cause digamous lady, can not wear gauze of pure white marriage, more formed gauze of pure white marriage one branch esteems high position beautifully alone. Before this, greek also with " white " in be bridal formal attire, the most commonly used color, but not be to come strictly the whole body is snow-white; Ancient Rome period, the bride can wrap around maize face gauze; Chinese tradition is with red formal attire symbolize luckily; At the beginning of 20 centuries, argent marriage gauze is the exalted position that reveals royalty, visible marriage gauze is each comfortable its " color " , want to wear gauze of pure white marriage without special provision. Have ceaselessly as world tide change, marriage gauze besides pure outside the traditional color such as white, ivory, cream-colored, in recent years the marriage gauze of pink of popular with each passing day also a complete set of, if orange of pink, pink, pink is blue, pink violet, pink is green reach color of shallow silver grey, very downy and pleasing to the eye; If you are brave in to try, blackish green, purplish red, deep violet, compose go up at pink marriage gauze, form the formal attire with powerful colour, the effect is very special; As to the most welcome, it is ivory color or gauze of pure white marriage of course, the filar flower of the pink on compose, butterfly, in order to add color. Actually, marriage gauze is what color not quite important, most the condition of predetermination is the color of skin that wants a bride suitable. Oriental color of skin is deep and slant yellow, wear snow-white marriage gauze, can appear dark dumb, wear ivory look can more harmonious nature, pink blue, pink is violet as irreconcilable as wampee skin, instead powdery orange, pink is green can with slant yellow color of skin is suitable. As to the skin Bai Li is appeared red, or bronze-coloured skin, wear pure white meeting very good-looking, especially latter, match the swallowtail of bridegroom, dash forward the light that shows an extraordinary is collected.

The choice of marriage gauze design:

Traditional marriage gauze is long reach the ground, and resemble the skirt with general and diffuse umbrella place, a lot of girls long to be being worn, take a picture to be able to be worn of course in shadow building, but when marriage ceremony salutes, it seems that not quite convenient, too long too the skirt of bitter fleabane, can make a person appear very short reach encumbrance, so at wedding that day, appropriate chooses to leave the skirt of small covering or awning on a car of the ground a little, perhaps grow the gauze of straight body marriage that reachs sufficient ankle to present A word cut out unwanted material again; As to confident to beautiful leg, can try miniskirt more or reach genu skirt to wait a moment, if be disposition is free and easy and bright and clear, wear white pants to cover more can dash forward show individual color, with do not differ. A bit must notice, piscine end skirt is convenient least of all, and wear the hardest good-lookingly, if blame bride is special,love piscine end skirt, otherwise, not need a consideration. Another should notice is design, for example, young and of delicate and exquisite, want to wear gauze of lovely princess type marriage; Want loftily to wear line concise and Anacreontic; Fat cannot wear low bosom and gauze of straight body marriage. Besides, temperament is very important also, small jasper should not be sexy dress up; Know a thing or two cannot adornment of beyond the mark load one's writing with fancy phrases; Bright and clear and lively model do not play the part of lady. Dress and oneself antipathetic garment is acted the role of, not only cannot the advantage that foil gives itself and temperament, can make the person that wear and the person that see more, sympathize is factitious.
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