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The woman thinks had marriage gauze investigates an analysis most
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Marriage is still young make up: The flowery marriage gauze on wedding, to the woman it is the deadliest temptation forever. The design of marriage gauze, deserve to act the role of, fabrics and marriage gauze are hire or buy, make a lot of accurate brides big fee setbacks, big nerve-racking, the investigation below special reason, data changes provided a findings report about marriage gauze to accurate brides!

   Investigate a title: The marriage gauze that wears on wedding is 

Total bill counts: 2237 option scale

35.40% body of quantity of inn of · marriage gauze is custom-built

Merchandise on hand of brand of · marriage gauze 33.39%

  of 31.20% of · shadow building

Analysis: Although percent number difference is not big, but the choice that still can seeing quantity body is custom-built still is most person, and the choice is custom-built the option that is more than shadow building far with hand-me-down number the sum, also explained " buy marriage gauze " the mainstream choice that is accurate brides, and the marriage gauze number that choice shadow building provides is occupied only about 3 into. What we advocate " the marriage gauze that has oneself " , already special and thorough popular feeling.   

   Investigate a title: The what that you value marriage gauze most (3)

Total bill counts: 4062 option scale

· design 15.09%

· fabrics, material is qualitative 14.08%

· devises detail 14.01%

· price 13.20%

· is popular 12.97%

· brand 12.24%

· is good tie-in 10.66%

· gift 7.75%  

Analysis: Detail of marriage gauze design, design, material pledges when choosing flowery marriage gauze, waiting for a respect just is valued most, it is price next, ability is the element such as the brand later, by this token, gauze of consumer preference marriage still takes a fancy to style of marriage gauze itself favorite, and although the consequence of the brand is bigger, but still not be the ingredient that consumer of the directest impact buys.   

   Investigate a title: Whether can you buy gauze of complete set marriage inside same brand or inn of same marriage gauze (include the fittings such as bag of head gauze, glove, formal attire)

Total bill counts: 1031 option scale

· is met 57.90%

· won't 42.10%  

Analysis: Most consumer values the collocation of marriage gauze whole very much, also think to should be inside same brand or inn of same marriage gauze commodity of complete set of choose and buy, this shows, marriage gauze brand also should notice development deserves to act the role of, and be in our column also should reflect the value that gives collocation of whole of flowery marriage gauze.   
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