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History on most 2 formal attire with colourful Jing will sell with day price
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7 years in October, year abstruse Daili Heben films the film " Difanni's breakfast " crossed evening dress also sells in Haluosi, value is $800, 000.

Hertz was patted 1961 originally " the breakfast inside every " when, the quantity had something made to order personally 3 formal attire, black evening dress is among them one of. Originally appraisal is controlled in 100 thousand dollar, clinch a deal with 800 thousand dollar however, add need to auction the commission of travel to Kelisidi, total prices of this formal attire is worth 920 thousand dollar.

Model reveals black formal attire


In addition, a value 10, the Fan Saizhe of 690 pound as string of 1 the skirt that take evening will be in England high-quality goods department store sells famous Haluosi, from the time that orders delivery to need two months.

1994, he Li of Yi Lisha white · ever was wearing this Fan Saizhe to a string of 1 the skirt that take evening attends the movie " 4 wedding and a funeral " first colourful Jing of perform in public 4, this also makes Fan Saizhe as string of 1 the skirt that take evening is become at that time renown Yuan beautiful beautiful people the first selection that attends the evening party.