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Take as an elective course of formal attire of a matron of honour wants a place
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Style is dignified and official

He raised a question, she nods agree, this simple instant becomes the eternity of affirmatory lifetime. In elder, close friend note at present, bridegroom wears ring for the bride piously. Abrupt your disclosure, the form of this alleged marriage is so divine inviolable, your meeting is touched by these hundreds of years of changeless ceremony place, can dress up to witness this one act formal and ceremoniously. Esteem, be opposite already friend, right also marriage.


1. Traditional and formal marriage dinner is held in the hotel commonly, can ask elder and relatives and friends, your attire is natural cannot too exceed what is proper. If receive be being made clear on invitation is thematic wedding, dress is about to go according to bridal theme. The dress of large marriage banquet wants common tradition formal, summary belt is grand, be in the majority with formal attire. Interpose of formal attire design is mixed at evening dress between recreational formal attire, do not choose to grow a paragraph to pull the land, such too too grand, can emphasize particularly on small formal attire. Fabrics character those who show class is good, brunet in long money formal attire, the hand with cabinet and fine collocation carries a bag, it is the middle choice that attends formal marriage dinner.

2. Formal attire wants low-key and dignified, not too expose, can grab bridal limelight otherwise, also can make attendant elder vinegary. For instance, a condole tape that shows a back can build an amice outside formal attire, appear mature and elegant immediately. To gaunt model person, the upper part of the body of formal attire can have the design of waviness or drape, make the upper part of the body plump; And posture is plump model, the upper part of the body can choose band shoulder and the design that big V gets, can will cervical spin, appear face and body gaunter, lap can relax, can appear the waist relatively fine is thin.

Color quietly elegant is denounced happy event   

Gay feminine attire, Gong Zhu, red wine, bright red happy event word, the smile of her charming be ashamed has melted in the ocean in red, and this red also melted the heart of attendant everybody. No matter how you are fashionable, also must admit red is the most beautiful today color. Also look for some of red element on his dress, to denounce festival, also take the cordial blessing to new personality.


1. The marriage common of Chinese tradition is given priority to with red, the enters ability to made there is white on wedding marriage gauze of western culture. But should notice to be on western wedding, only the bride can wear white, female guests does not allow to wear. Be in China, your dress also had better not be the same as color with bridal marriage gauze, lest a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. But the white in popularity is inevitable this year, accordingly, had better have the white that other facial expression adjusts. Do not wear pure white to come on stage. Outfit of a matron of honour should install color than the bride a bit weak, as unified as bridal style.
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