The traditional Chinese style that pattern marriage is in charge of is bridal
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Traditional Chinese style is bridal with of primitive simplicity, ceremony is comprehensive, festival, enthusiastic make public atmosphere and got of people love, especially the new personality of a lot of foreign countries, loving all the more plant hereat form, also be Chinese north bridal and consuetudinary concentration is reflected and collect pure.
The bridal sedan chair is the core part of traditional wedding. Cent person carries, 8 people carry 2 kinds. Have dragon litter again, the cent of phoenix litter. Besides eliminate chair man, still sheng, umbrella, fan waits begin, general litter group is little a ten people, much person, it is grand very. If want,hold the wedding of this kind of form so, must book ahead of schedule. The company is celebrated to be able to provide this kind of service in a few marriage. Want to select the site that be in the park or is escape traffic thoroughfare, the bridal sedan chair that gives oneself stays have sufficient space, because the occasion of bump bridal sedan chair can draw large quantities of sight-seer, cause traffic jam.
The dress of new personality is short embroidered cape of phoenix coronet glow, or aba mandarin jacket. The bride covers red lid head, in a matron of honour accompany below, what hold by bridegroom is bright red silken pulling, record festooned vehicle slowly, after reaching place of bridal sedan chair, new personality changes bridal sedan chair.
Folk-custom wedding is small stick show:
1. Shift to an earlier date two weeks, announcement close friends, the bridal form that announces. Hope they also can wear Chinese style dress, reflect ethical characteristic truly. Shift to an earlier date one day, with the chair man, compere, cameraman arrive together the spot is on-the-spot reconnaissance, drilling that day process.
2. It is commonly receive the bride the place with divorce banquet not remote location by marriage car, again change bridal sedan chair.
3. Since be Chinese style wedding, must accomplish: "Pure " . Dress, make up, setting, prop, want with bridal content be identical, must not Yi Zhongyi on the west, no matter not kind, lose the elegant demeanour of traditional wedding.

4. The marriage that knows Chinese style celebrates compere not much, and this kind of wedding is exquisite very much, formal and trival, the public figure that must ask major is held for you do.
Flow of Chinese style wedding -
8:00 bridegroom reach bridal home by festooned vehicle; 8:4What 0 bridegroom hold is bright red silken the festooned vehicle on the bridal pedal that pulling Meng Gong to cover a head; 9:15 festooned vehicle reach place of bridal sedan chair.
9:2The bridal sedan chair on 0 brides. Gong clear the way, lion of follow closely dance is performed, after 8 bugler and 8 deacon that the hand lifts a coronal to build, be be wounded in fight of drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders 8 carry big sedan;
9:4Lion of litter of 0 midway bump, dance is performed; 10:00 reach bridal place, next sedans, put firecracker;
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