Culture of Chinese and Western is compared
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Of contemporary wedding also get the influence of western culture, a lot of wedding are held in cathedral now. Besides in cathedral, also can hold wedding inside divine organized body, fane. Considering go attending wedding breakfast to go to the lavatory subsequently, the bridal assembly hall that having banqueting hall or it is the person that wedding holds inside the hotel very much also. Inside knot wedding hall and hotel, set simple and easy mind table and week room, can suit hold various ceremony. But, why to no matter use,plant form, interesting is to both sides exchanges marriage ring this one annulus.
The ceremony of back-to-back move is wedding breakfast. Everybody dines livelily together, attendant is congratulated to bridegroom bride. Still have cabaret additionally, feast cent is waited a moment for type of Western-style, Chinese style, day, no matter which are planted circumstance, have quite partial content is a kind of luxury. It is among banquet, the bride is changed commonly 1, 2 dresses, for example " the type before the god " bridal bridal at first wears white kimono, change the kimono with chromatically luxuriant colour subsequently, high even evening dress, although bridegroom did not change clothes often, but turn by kimono in the bride when foreign outfit, also can cooperate transhipment of through cargo.
After wedding breakfast, the friend that has bridegroom bride only commonly attends, open a banquet that is without estrangement, this is called " meet 2 times " . After bridal end, most sweethearts can set foot on the journey that newly-married travels.
And western wedding is grave gravity, beautiful romance, be unforgettable! " Bible " in say, in fast ancient, the man proposes to the woman what using exhibit is ring. When 9 centuries, pope Buddhist nun is ancient pull generation to issue a decree, stipulating the man gives marriage give up to give the woman is to propose formally indispensable program. The colour of bridal formal attire is representing a tradition, also have its specific meaning, for example white representing's pure Tong Zhen. Bride of the United States, England chooses ** formal attire indicative Angus and abundant.
The bride adorned that day in wedding the consuetudinary long-standing of tire, archaic woman is in comfortable marriage age head garland, in order to distinguish at married woman, indicative Tong Zhen. At first bridal veil is young with Tong Zhen indicative, and the bridal veil with Catholic believe in represents chasteness. Accordingly, a lot of brides are driven when going to cathedral to hold wedding, choose to wear double deck veil. Bridal father gives the daughter after bridegroom, open veil with one's own hands by bridegroom. The flower represents ** and award, transmit the message with a kind of abundant, outstanding prosperity. The person that favour receives bridal bouquet will have lucky energy of life, also will be the person of next happy match happy a knot.

The bride stands in the left of bridegroom commonly, this consuetudinary traceable grabs the time of marriage be current. Because fear domestic person of the bride is met,grab the bride on wedding go back, bridegroom must vacate the right hand to come at any time accept a challenge. The basis is consuetudinary, wedding ends with the kiss declare of new personality. This one kiss is full of profound meaning: Pass a kiss, the breath of a person and partial soul stay inside another individual body, love makes they close 2 for one.
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