The pen of 4 defeat utterly with bridal the commonnest makeup
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Makeup after early days beauty works in vain, what numerous accurate bride pays close attention to is undoubted should be how to pass bridal makeup to become wedding to go up most the woman that glow. Dignified elegance is bridal makeup look is thematic, but if modelling division processing is better little detail, can let bridal horse go up " elegant " rise. Bridal makeup contains 4 large common a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting
1, the become known face of 1000 people one side
Even if cutaneous nature quality of a material is overgrow fleck dramatic also nature, become known face still stays in " geisha memoir " in.
2, too the cheek of dense is red
Festival it is festival, but ferial the white-collar comes to li of modern and spell able city suddenly " loess ground " , assure to attend bridal person to be surprised.
3, too the metal of halfback is lubricious
Metallic color really special extraordinary, little little ground can be in to use in eyelid, must not bedding face accumulates an attempt, everybody does not want to see " piercing eye " bride.
4, the argent lip of dumb light
Unless you want to perform " corpse bride " , unless you are married, is subterranean rock-and-roll hand, keep away from carefully still otherwise had better.
Bridal makeup contains natural rule
Clear be like without makeup the skin
Powdery bottom must be mixed equably transparent. Color of skin can be improved by the pink of ordinary water embellish and look brighter, choice quality of a material is frivolous but covering power is strong, try on the skin of the neck, choose the properest facial expression.
Completely eye makeup and shock eyelash
Eye makeup does not want multicoloured, the pink of belt bead light or ablaze factor or white is more appropriate. Eyelash is OK appreciably is a bit more exaggerative, brush shockly roll become warped, let double eye look to have a mind particularly.
Sexy and inviting double lip
The key of labial ministry depends on " plump and smooth-skinned " and " bright lustre " , must use a lipstick first, because the lipstick is chromatic better, time is protracted also. Color can try to compare Ming Yan, dark dumb color does not suit a bride really.
In addition, make up to also want for the bride mature the individual character to everybody. In look of this bridal makeup, him bride is gentler, because this wants an attention on makeup look. Eye shadow wants clean, and the key can be put in labial ministry, protruding shows labial department. On eyebrow line, cannot use Brown or black, if use shallow brown, appear more feigned, use nigger-brown is optimal, want on gimmick light. Eyelash makes up on, unsuited had used a holiday to cross thick false eyelash, want to be close to the false eyelash of the life, not feigned, effect nature.