Pay a formal visit allow what parents Yours Excellency to come detail
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Husband's father and mother of ugly daughter-in-law total inquire for, wool foot son-in-law also is unavoidable to had wanted farther-in-law mother this closes. The Spring Festival is a wedding day, love speaks of certain level, choose this vital link to take him (she) come home look, can saying is be perfectly justifiable, everyone is happy.

Nevertheless, the favour wants to had done, detail is particularly important. Carry to accurate son-in-law and accurate daughter-in-laws here wake, can fasten carelessness to break Jing Zhou.

Come the 1 of detail pays attention to appearance, attire

Perhaps someone can say, this still is used remind, present youth which agree does dingy move see a person? Plant in this especially the moment of truth, who does not want to leave a good impression to the family of the other side? ! But factual proof, a lot of person is shut in appearance blocked mec housing.

Advise others by using one's own experience

The male friend that Li Fei poors is younger than her 1 year old, when her mother hears of very not willing.

Say " female big one, either wife " , look for husband or should search bigger than him age, also know to be fond of a person. The daughter does not listen to her, be determined to get male friend into the door.

Take the door, pa Mom first not pleasing to the eye. What person is what the daughter gets? It is street simply small mix. The hair catchs what do not pull Ji yellowly, unexpectedly, still wore an ear nail! See actor's costumes of his this a suit again, of be slack and perfunctory, and stand to sit again, although an an uncle aunt cries quite frequently, can listen namely not pleasing to the ear. A meal comes down, decided basically " capital punishment " -- this male friend says what also cannot want!

Gist: Calculate you at ordinary times again trendy, come to pay a formal visit when allowing farther-in-law or accurate mother-in-law, also must hold interview of to apply for a job in the arms like rigorous. Pack up ferial bizarre dress, the makeup of those rich and gaudy is best also PASS, although gent and fair maiden are not installed, but also should assure not to convey the first impression at least.

Come the 2 diligent of detail, eye the mouth is diligent, diligent

The first time daughter-in-law of the wool foot son-in-law that come, certain, mostly because bashful, the word dare not say more, the thing dare be not done more. Of course, because be in the home,also have a plenty of coddle, reached mother-in-law home (husband's family) also do not have an eyesight to wear. Should know husband's family unlike a married woman's parents' home, farther-in-law mother also is not close parents, ab extra to you are this person, they are lifting magnifier careful carping!

Advise others by using one's own experience

Spit follows the relation awkwardness of prospective mother-in-law up to now, reason, the mother-in-law let carry put in order when coming for the first time namely.
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