Accurate new personality teachs you to have a bridal good color
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Bridal ding is about to be knocked noisy, accurate new people is making preparations the most important after the detail on get married ceremony is to make maintain before marriage. Wedding is the the most romantic memory in the person's lifetime, gravest ceremony, let oneself give bridal now spot is a lot of accurate new personality to expect with the most perfect image, use period of time well rest and reorganization, let this wait bonnily to show the most perfect final result.

He -- the saving is handsome

Arrive from food motion, accurate bridegroom can maintain easily actually oneself body, let oneself be on wedding mental coruscate.

3 eat must the rule

The energy of a day of activity, want to rely on breakfast to offer. Proposal breakfast can eat rich protein and carbohydrate kind, wait e.g. fruit, biscuit and milk. Dinner can add vegetable fruity weight, cook means does not want deepfry as far as possible, panbroil, convert of packet of tinfoil paper paper bake kind or evaporate, bittern, boil all but.

The male favores the flesh mostly kind, ignore vegetable fruit, bring about nutrient disequilibrium easily, body nature is not quite healthy. The person should eat everyday neat 4 kinds of food: Food crops, vegetables and fruits, breast kind with the flesh kind, the nutrition that such human body place need and vitamin, mineral not was short of, this is balanced diet.

Accurate drink tableware system is: Every meal has neat 4 kinds of food, it is staple food with food crops, make sure quantity of heat and grease do not exceed bid; Regard fibrous as main source with vegetables and fruits, assure fiber full amount; Make sure the vitamin is mixed mineral do not be short of, moisture is enough, protein is enough also; Assure to eat the dairy produce of certain amount everyday, its besides can offer protein, still be calcium and magnesian the mainest source, also be the main source of moisture. The order that drinks boiling water also can affect weight, consider to make clear, anteprandial drink boiling water, slender health; Meal hind drinks boiling water, drink fatter more.

Good sleep to wake naturally

Expert proposal, grow up everyday must have one's sleep out 8 hours. If you need alarm clock to wake up in the morning, so your Morpheus is apparent not enough.

Morpheus inadequacy causes a series of diseases easily. And good Morpheus, can adjust effectively physiology function, maintain neurological balance. Morpheus is undesirable, insufficient, meet the next day giddy, whole body is faint. Accordingly, want the good convention that nurturance falls asleep on time and gets up above all. Next, nervous mental work does not have before sleeping, avoid violent campaign or physical labor. Unfavorable in the evening smoking, unfavorable and drinkable the reviver such as strong tea or coffee, also do not drink overmuch beverage or shed juice. One of healthy basic principles are to comply with biological clock, and the foundation that Morpheus is biological clock. Clinical research makes clear, daily and average life of the person that sleep 8 hours is the longest, every decrease 1 hour, mortality heighten 9 % , but Morpheus is overmuch person also meet brief life.
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