The courtship that lets a woman refuse hard means [abroad]
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Which woman does not long to be loved, which girl does not like romance? The Bai Ma from inside fairy tale is princely, the handsome young man in film is violent male, dream in what deducing us. The courtship that an account in one's own words of a few west females is below conte, let us see what how their male friend has romance after all!

One, those who be written on billboard is bold and enunciative

Heroine: Ban Rui, 28 years old, doctor, american

Go to the court that has article reduction sale pan is one of my most zealous activities, because be over there,often can buy the good thing that a few expect are less than with very low price, it is one great a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure really! Almost every weekend, heart of my Lai of boy friend Buddha can take my drive car to go out, take on of one's own accord my emissary that protect a flower, ramble each point of sales.

I also won't forget that one day forever: On June 19, on Saturday. There are a few Bai Yun in the sky of azure blue, face of stroke of filar silk cool wind, really satisfied and clinking. As usual, one big early we with respect to start off. He drives, I admire the beautiful scenery outside the window at the same time, take care road both sides to whether have the fascia of yard reduction sale and ad at the same time.

Go to stop so, our leisurely You Zai ground rambled one morning. Answer quickly when arriving home, I discover roadside has a huge billboard suddenly, with big red aggressive the ground is writing a few big character above: "Ban Rui, marry me? Marry me??

Billboard passes from the flash before the car. I admire that to courage draws up really this deputy advertising man, he can be too marvellous really, that Banruike that is loved greatly by him is a lucky woman really!

Suddenly I seem to wake up to reality somewhat, one roll sits up: "Folaide, is that Ban Rui me? Is that Ban Rui me??

"It is of course, " the answer that Buddha Lai De Re does not have its thing: "Are you willing? "Are you willing??

"Yes! " I want to did not want to be blurted out so, it is fine lose face really! He was in that tape plunging drop that putting in the bosom instantly on the finger with my long minute, still taking temperature!

We return the vehicle, pick that next lucky brands.

That year, we married. And that billboard that witnessed love of I and Buddha Lai heart, be worn by my collect carefully all the time.

2, in the supermarket " super " love

Heroine: Lira, 27 years old, reporter, american

Ferial constant meeting receives the girls beside to be held in both hands greatly hold in both hands greatly delicate and charming the rose that is about to drip, every time in those days, I always can admire admire unceasingly. I also am met on occasion those of requirement of ground of make oblique references also must is opposite my meaning, but he always is pretend to be deaf and dumb however, or distains to be considered namely. I grouse stealthily: He has in working middling lift breathtakingly, can in love respect how such not Where is have one's ideas straightened out? Till later I just understand, he is not to cry criterion already, however amaze the people with a single brilliant feat!
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