Newly-married madam must want watchful job
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Newly-married madam should notice (graph)
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Danger affection: Ask you to say the madam that just married may want the issue that notice.

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Hello! My one " boudoir is sweet " (good friend) just marry recently, ordinarily she should be clever astute woman, with him husband is patted pull 1 year half feeling makes progress first-rately also, so we one numerous sister thinks she should be very capable to handle good marriage to concern with the foundation, also meet to the change of girlfriend and madam part do a job with skill and ease.

Nevertheless she is not at ease to what unluckily, often still pestering us this group of married sisters discuss marital issue, be done so that find both funny and annoying by her really. So, I think of flat appeal you, the system tells her the wife that just married to the likelihood wants the issue that notice. Thank.

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Hello! Actually the woman did a wife, most those who be afraid of is the husband became the 2nd again " Mom " ; The man became the man, those who be afraid of is the wife became the 2nd again " Yan Fu " . Actually each family has his living standard, do not try to change this kind of standard as newly-married female, best method is to should learn dissimulate, wait for after getting used to this family slowly, try to change again.

1 . Serious problem emphasizes, not important with respect to oversight. This word applies to marriage likewise, the men and women in marriage, right other in part, right everything what domestic member place does, not too care about, too sensitive, too nervous. In trifling domesticity, if one party or both sides chatter for a long time, and other one party is forced to bear, cannot get good-tempered with relaxed life atmosphere, if things go on like this, the ending of this family will be unimaginable. If you are careful, work seek the perfect, person that likes reach every aspect of a matter, scarcely should have preachy trouble.

2. Not evil language injures a person " neuropathic! " " lack heart! " " accomplish sth inadequacy beats an issue superabundant! " just think, which still has the person of a bit self-respect to you can be borne this kind is abuse? However, unfortunate is, in our real life, this kind of appearance is not rare between husband and wife. In daily life, between husband and wife mutual and abuse, keep quarrelling, such thing is done much, each other do not have face, hard to avoid more and more deadlocked. This is a kind of very grim act, so, we ought to beware of.

3. Do not do suspicious wife. Suspicious woman has a characteristic: Often be a center with his interest, draw a circle, everything what fall in this circle she should be examined. Some interests, average person feels to get do not calculating big, lost also cannot cherish, but suspicious person often cannot treat so. Big increase, they want to contend for, but do not contend for again, they should be analysed originally from their ability, know, but they are not done so, always feel somebody is being destroyed; Some oneself ought not to some interests, they also think they should have, cannot get suspect others embezzlement their interest.
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