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Colour of the most fashionable bride makeup
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Rose of charming be ashamed

Makeup look hints: Send those who act the role of photograph reflect with the flower between hair, it is eye shadow is applied lubriciously, the eye shadow of large area is dizzy catch, amorous feelings myriad while, do not break decorous temperament again!

Argent boiling point

Makeup look hints: Which kinds of color can be compared argent more show decorous! But argent if large area is dizzy,catch, instead will be outsmart oneself, your makeup look lose pure glamour! Use in look line only above dilettante argent, it is to build dreamy feeling. Cheek is red used with labial colour auroral, the makeup look that is you puts on the charming be ashamed of a new personality.

Lavender is dark sweet

Makeup look hints: The autumn is blue purple, ignited a kind to climb the happy move that rise! This makeup look is to be colour makeup ace people those who demonstrate! Painted when, the lavender color from inside the weak silver of eye head, eye arrives the La Zi of eye end is lubricious, be by shallow to deep gradual change colour, this ability makes eye makeup stereoer quite! In the meantime, the place that leaving look line is used argent draw the outline of outline, you are the electric eye bride of be worthy of!

Water quality light yellow

Makeup look hints: The pure and fresh enough of light yellow color shows holy, Qing Chun of the bride. By the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that uses the eye shadow of light yellow color to need you can perfect the flaw that conceals skin, so the meeting end the pink of dumb light suits quite. Cheek is red the colour that can cooperate aureate department, and of labial ministry if used the labial color with light water to be able to let makeup look show clear sense more,decorate.