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Eye of Hollywood star class makeup skill
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Welcome to my homepage Like wanting to follow Hollywood name Yuan attractive and lovely, the skill of eye makeup is absolutely cannot MISS! The small eye with according to common Oriental, inside double with prolapse look of 3 kinds of looks, impart the eye that you adjust look of different key point makeup skill, pass through simple 3 measure, relaxed picture goes out like the abstruse outline like Hesperian. Flagging eye is imitated on behalf of ─ hope to pull pistil the husband feels downhearted impressional is flagging to the person eye, because eye month resembling a turn is same, although give a person the sense of soft beauty, appear very bloodless however. The eyelash that is about to use eye end to strengthen is pulled carry, the eyes has a mind instantly. Eye of   of eye makeup skill makeup skill one: The makeup effect that enhances eye end - eye socket of ─ of STEP1 of   of   of force of double promotion eyes makes shallow coffee first eye shadow, the outline that lets an eye ─ of clear   STEP2 chooses the false eyelash with eye longer end, head of eye of ─ of STEP3 of   of be puzzled force uses the fawn on that enhances the eyes the bright pink with bead light apparent effect is strengthened, creation if " cat eye " kind the eye of be puzzled of attractive fawn on makeup. What MODEL uses is these     MODEL those who use is these! 1. Integrated 3 kinds of quality of a material, one can be done decide perfect eye makeup. Fight water to fight the character of sweat again, also do not worry for long makeup. Tall silk of significance of beauty of / of S-5NT1050 of # of box of colour of eye of brilliance of beautiful female singer of abundant blown away by wind (examine beautiful attentively Gao Si more tastes information newly)     2. Upgrade of eyelash of root of tight grip root is pulled carry, eyelash spreads out commonly like fan come, the effect makes person Jing colourful. Thick cilia big eyelash creams (waterproof model) LANCOME(examines NT920 / LANCOME more tastes information newly)     3. Dark and shock theatrics, bring up the eyelash modelling with perfect radian easily. Grab an eyelash of black model force to cream double eye imitates Mishabadunei on behalf of ─ inside DIOR of / of # 099 NT880 double eye imitates Mishabadu on behalf of ─ eyelid is easy and bloated be inside the deadly worry of double eye, folding double-fold eyelid gives a person easily the sense of massiness, those who use eye shadow color gradually layer and line, make an eye more abstruse and attractive.
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