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Choose marriage gauze to deserve to act the role of according to face hairstyl
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The new personality choice to marriage gauze admittedly very exquisite, and deserving to act the role of as what detail adorns is an action that makes the finishing point to more. New a form of address for one's wife can deserve to act the role of according to the hairstyle, face marriage gauze that will choose to suit his.
According to hairstyle choice marriage gauze deserves to act the role of

Present bridal hairstyle already was the late outfit head of one type no longer, from adorn for the angle of dangler and necklace, hair style of hair style of type of ear having cover, the type that show side, short hairstyle, long hairstyle.

1, hair style of type of ear of attack by surprise

Suit to adorn swing annulus. Optional choose is shown only at the same time earlobe, adorn big and short swing annulus, just send semmetry with across black. The bride also can choose short and fine necklace, as mutual as thick hair serve as a foil to.

2, hair style of the type that show side

Suit to insert annulus and swing annulus. Big grain ear is inserted suit to issue half face relatively plumpish bride; It is better that the bride of thick hair or choice swing annulus, the hair is thin should choose small and lightsome earring.

3, bingle

Suit to choose to grow slightly and thick necklace. Appropriate of thin hair bride is worn set get necklace. Thick hair bride can wear a bit thick gem to spend type catenary.

4, long hairstyle

Suit fine and short necklace, wait like catenary of form of 2 file catenary, square silk catenary, S catenary, double a catenary, lapidary flower.

According to face choice marriage gauze deserves to act the role of

According to the face model anthology deserve to act the role of, the face that can decorate a bride, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, make bridal appearance is shown faultlessly before the person. The person's face general component is goose egg model, long model, circle, melon seeds, trigonometry 5 kinds.

Goose egg face

The length that has this kind of ellipse face sends a bride, suit Dai Gongbao Shi Danghuan and a bit fine thick cover catenary or child mother catenary, give a person a kind of mature and gentle and quiet and rich, downy sense. Bingle person hammer of appropriate choice ear and horsewhip catenary, 2 file catenary and square silk catenary.

Long square face

Optional wear the area is large and dazzing earring that set treasure, can increase the breadth of facial ministry so, do not choose to swing annulus. Had better adorn short cable length or necklace; Also can adorn the necklace with flagging a few bigger arc, can achieve got-up face model the effect.

Round face

Earring of long and thin V necklace, small and bright odd bead diamond is round face bride to measure what build surely personally namely, they can make bridal face a bit more slender. Also can adorn additionally straining type dangler, decorate a face already model, show again lively and Anacreontic.
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