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08 most IN bride is bridal hair act the role ofing makes moving amorous feelings
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Bridal hair is acted the role of richer and richer, of bead flower, of imperial crown, flower, diamond, crystal, lacy, sort and design also are multifarious, hair act the role ofing makes different bride the bridal temperament that go out also is different, like small imperial crown hair act the role ofing suits dish of elegant hair, and lacy, small hairpin is to grow those who send a bride to love most, as to mad unruly wavy hair is inferior to inclined hairpin a flower became fine, bingle bride also need not be anxious, diamond small hairpin and small-sized imperial crown and the hair of a few bead flowers are acted the role of will bring to seize a purpose to you handsome. Look in light of us now 2008 most 9 hair act the role ofing of IN are how to help us make moving amorous feelings.

Aureate pearl and strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world combine flower form to insert type bride hair to act the role of partly, have China very much archaic bead spends amorous feelings, also do not as if between hair bring a flower shadow and sweet sweet. Paris Tiaras, $150

The strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world that experts simply sends the princess that band is heart of young woman student to dream, both neither is costly very low-key also. Regina B. , $395

The fresh water pearl of pure silver and conch and strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world make hang down the hair that register form is acted the role of, your bride became much how much move feeling amorous feelings. Christina Garcia, $261

Small hairpin of pure silver and zircon is very low-key, but your bride figure gives the model of flower and lamina dirt is free from vulgarity. Badgley Mischka, $195

The flower that enamel does and exquisite craft bring a tradition restore ancient ways adorn taste a delegate to wear nostalgic complex. Paris Tiaras, $600

Small hairpin of strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world, do not go up in bridal hairstyle at will, make the effect that gives numerous star ornament. Ti Adoro Jewelry, $150/3

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