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Diamond old and well-known family rolls out Enjoy Myself to be tasted newly
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Recently, the diamond that has many 100 branch and naked auger specialize in a brand -- old and well-known family of Shining House diamond, the near future was rolled out auger adorn " Enjoy The Beautiful " .

"Enjoy Myself " series getting is acted the role of, for stylist of fashionable and top gem people what create what the standard work of scholarship that give hides to make, grace simple sense blends in design originality, perfect those who present modern woman is delicate with intellectual beauty, clever and free from vulgarity design, permeating a kind of decorous style and lasting aristocratic temperament.

"Enjoy Myself " series wholeheartedly the aspirations of modern woman and individual character advocate listen respectfully, for modern woman the quantity is made personally, hope each modern women can the life with labyrinthian face up to, maintain the unripe active state of self-confident grace to spend from beginning to end, can be kind to oneself, know enjoy the life, enjoy freedom, enjoy love, enjoy beauty! Taste newly appeared on the market to get namely of female of white-collar of countrywide each district chase after ardently hold in both hands!

Diamond old and well-known family is new roll out " Enjoy Myself " design of new strain row is very beautiful, among them " Enjoy The Beautiful " condole drops, the modelling of two hearts overlay is very chic, supplement of it and the gorgeous dress that go when Ji Liu, makeup look, the meeting is very beautiful.