Marriage of Wei Ling bridal spot is touched according to exposure Liu Jia Ling w
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The sweet smile of two new personality

Bridal spot
Title: " Wei Ling big marriage "

Show time: Bhutan local time on July 21 11 when (Beijing time makes an appointment with 13: 30)

Director: Wang Jiawei

Dress designs: Zhang Shuping

Main actor: Liang Chaowei, Liu Jialing

Friendship goes act: Lin Qingxia, Di Long, Hu Jun, Xie Tong, Wang Fei, Li Yapeng, Zhang Zhen, Guan Jinpeng...

Special gues-star: 20 police of 80 30 reporters, Bhutan, bodyguard convoy

Love long-distance running Liang Chaowei of 20 years, Liu Jialing, got married in Buddhist nation Bhutan yesterday, recreation encircles nearly 100 friend present attend a ceremony, give a blessing. The wind storm rain that two people go all the way, also after as local postmeridian a heavy rain passes, clear sky 10 thousand lis. Jia Ling of Liu of new a form of address for one's wife wears Dai Zuan of gauze of marriage of the white that cut a shoulder, head to act the role of, simple but elegant high. In bridal last noon spot, when Liang Chaowei the Jia Ling that help Liu wears a Kadeya 12 carat marry when plunging drop, firm Liu Jialing cannot help shedding next happy tear eventually.

The blue sky in Bhutan holds Liang Chaowei and Liu Jia Ling below Bai Yun bridal

 Foreplay guest is late because of heavy rain collective

Bhutan local time in the morning at 10 o'clock, as a result of not stable downy climate, originally fine sky rains heavily suddenly. The guesthouse that waits for honored guest place to live from Lin Qingxia, Di Long, Hu Jun, Xie Tong arrives the Uma public house that runs wedding needs car Cheng 2 hours about, when next rainstorm, all honored guests are hurrying on with his journey, because this is collective,be late. Liang Chaowei, Liu Jialing wants to greet visitor personally to hotel entrance originally, but as a result of heavy rain, add many media expect outside hotel door, this is obliged to go to reception place move at the door marriage banquet hall to new personality. But heavy rain did not cause too much incur loss through delay to the flow of marriage banquet.

   Begin wedding uses Buddhist ceremony to hold

Two people are bridal at Beijing time yesterday 13 when begin 30 minutes, wedding uses Buddhist ceremony to hold entirely. Heavy rain had below the sky in the morning, in Bhutan, raining is joyance is indicative, be called " Hua Zhiyu " , go up to the sky to also give a blessing to the wedding of two people it seems that. Wedding invites king of law of 17 worlds big treasure to chair, the blessing of Song classics pray that in 20 Bhutan Cang Chuanfo teachs eminent monk spreads out below the ceremony, the Liang Chaowei of the Liu Jialing that wears ceremonial robe or dress of bride of traditional Chinese style and business suit of a suit white, accepted abbe people blessing, occasion is majestic and divine, touch even honored guest of spot attend a ceremony very. For wedding busy the Liu Jialing of large half an year says in the spot: "Thank everybody very much from a great distance will attend wedding, I am touched very much, very happy! " say with Wei young 10 point to buckle closely accept everybody to bless. In addition, the bridal guest yesterday receives a special gift, it is a pair of chopsticks respectively (indicative and geminate didymous) , law Wang Jia has held a You Dabao, pure silver sets gold and set the Ga treasure case that has gem, and the autograph that king of law of one magnify treasure makes for place of everybody pray blessing is illuminated.
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