"Divorce of area of part of " of Olympic Games day is registered to marry gangwa
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Married what anticipation is about to come to harships on August 8 register special climax, this city marriage of each area county is ascended place " if face archenemy " , the reporter ascended place understanding to arrive from marriage of county of a few areas yesterday, because the network makes an appointment,gather together, quota of people makes an appointment to already approached the limit almost on the net of a few areas, can no more enlarge look. More interesting is, specific area cancelled simply the divorce that day was registered on August 8, register to marry gangway.
On August 8 that day " the divorce is difficult "

Marriage of area length peace ascends Ling Bo of division section chief to divulge say, it is early before half moon, they are stuck gave official notice, the divorce that day was registered on August 8 cancel.

"Our area is to meet one, 3, 5 open a divorce a long time to register, as it happens was Zhou Wu August 8, pressing a truth is to be able to accept what the divorce registers a long time, but marry the number is so much, do not have method, be forced special the thing does especially. " Ling Bo expresses, they are preliminary that day began to go to work partly at 6 o'clock in the morning, the 6 marriage window that register will be opened entirely (having 2 among them is divorce window originally) .

The reporter understands from the area such as Yang Pu and Xu Hui again, these a few areas were registered with respect to divorce of reject a complaint originally that day, because of brainwave of this staff member easily, the plan registers the divorce that day the window " change the appearance " into marry the window that register.

Xu collects area marriage to ascend Li Haihua of division section chief to tell a reporter, the new personality estimation that they add electrify word to make an appointment with the spot now has many pairs 450, reach the situation that 500 pairs of new personality make an appointment according to reckonning future is likely.

"Include to hit card, examine and verify, print, a series of marriage such as autograph at least of the process that register needs to cost 5, 6 minutes. A clerk does not take not to drink reckoning in every item to a computer, the job the registering work that 15 hours also can complete 150 new personality only, and now marriage ascend division provide 3 computer only, the marriage that can handle 450 pairs of newlywed person basically is registered, if the number is again much, our burden is heavier. " under balance, xu Hui area plans to make full use of the divorce window that register is unused that day a few computer that come down.

The network makes an appointment or approach the limit

"Our area the network makes an appointment on July 8 afternoon quota of people is full, can not make an appointment again. " the Ling Bo of area length peace discloses say, their network makes an appointment quota of people has 100 pairs only, phone and spot make an appointment the number already amounted to more than pairs 90, predict to be able to 300 pairs of new personalities were registered that day on August 8. Not come singly but in pairs, quota of people makes an appointment on 100 pairs of nets of Min travel area also already the specified amount is full. This area marriage ascends Li Xia of division section chief to express, once quota of people became full, new personality cannot make an appointment successful, nevertheless, they can undertake making an appointment to the spot.
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