Say humanness wife instructions for dealing with an emergency
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Small make up ramble recently forum, discovered quite interesting stick child, say although may not adds up to affection to combine feeling, but fine fine article will also feel some make a sense however, might as well turn come over to let sisters look, if can help know clearly numerous sister really. Also be merits and virtues.

Too much and too much woman, clever independence still is before marriage is individual, but after marriage, had husband, did not have oneself. Consider him again big man creed, he also won't like " shadow " wife ah! When because do not want to see you,be being cold-shouldered by him, flower of one face pear brings rain, howling... award especially it is below wife path, you had listened carefully!

You need not be met do chore, but can spend money
You won't do chore, husband looks for a lover impossibly to come home will work; You won't spend money, husband looks for a MM possibly to help him spend.
You need not make up, but must purchase complete set cosmetic
Do not make up you can say you are " disrelish cosmetics corrupt color " ; But, if you do not have the cosmetic of complete set, can state you did not prepare at any time at all only " give the hall that get office " .
You need not like to shop, but must love to shop
Do not like to shop, explain you are mature, shop have oneself original grade; Do not like to shop, can explain you do not have new idea, merciless interest only, do not have deep love for the life.
You need not take money, but go to work
Here " go to work " , include free profession and commonweal undertaking. You take money, it is your ability; You do not take money, it is a kind of consecratory goodness. Pursue in addition to one's regular job, ability can have social class. Must not believe the man says to you: "Come home come, I raise you " , (It is OK to raise you, come home be no good! ) that is the yellow face old woman that he considers to foster you into a standard slowly, in order to have in the future disgustful.
You often need not meet, but often must contact with the friend
Seldom party is likely everybody is busy; If seldom connection, husband can be about the only that ground of be pleased with oneself thinks he is you. The man always is flay a flint, once he was become " only " , he asks " raises " when arrived.
Husband goes out dinner party, need not be restricted his time, must want Cha Gang however
You in a limited time too close, hard to avoid creates pressure to husband, also play not to one's heart's contently, generation goes against the likelihood turn over psychology; But you give him too free, the phone also does not hit, husband can feel again your ignored he. When male people meets, receive wife phone to be able to cry, "Look! Cha Gang came! " actually he is to be in " bask in a life " .
You need not virtuous, but must meet act like a spoiled child
Again docile man, in one's heart has bit of old man principle. Scattering charming to be communicated with him, not virtuous also won't let him feel you are overbearing, it is instead a kind lovely and piquant, his understanding pleasant goes for you willingly virtuous.
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