Marriage celebrate cost to go up greatly pursuit individuation becomes price of
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The reporter investigates discovery, olympic Games year new personality gathers together marry, marriage celebrate industry spending to also have bigger go up. Rise besides consumer goods price outside, new personality takes celebration quality seriously more and more. The football wedding, individuation wedding such as marine theme is chased after by the youth hold in both hands, this virtually also raised bridal cost.
The reporter is in visit this city a few large and medium-sized professional marriage celebrates company discovery, olympic Games year marriage the client new personality that celebrates a company to be received at present already was mixed gross kept balance last year, of the wh what month after the basis book a quantity to look, olympic Games year hopeful breaks up one time than last year. And to new personality Olympic Games year marriage celebrate charge, also grow nearly one times. On the expenditure of bridal infrastructure, also had very big rise. "Before hubble-bubble machine is shaken by present laser headlight place is replaced, the lamp chasing after light that the price does not poor also is applied extensively, these also are in aeriform in raised very high bridal cost. This year, ' 80 hind ' new personality is very much, marry to be able to choose wedding of theme, individuation commonly. " a marriage celebrates Ningxia road Ms. Yuan of atelier tells a reporter, as the promotion that new people asks to bridal quality, a lot of new personality choose to raise a few addition bridal pattern on original basis. The higher-priced theme sex with the relatively novel expenditure such as fire of emperor of the Oscar that resembles marine theme, love, Olympic Games is bridal, still a few give priority to a problem with the profession, if badminton is football wedding, bridal,also go out by what the market breathes out.

"As a whole, photographing the amplitude that resembles cost and emcee charge is the biggest. " two the most apparent to raising cost, the Cao director of group of red blue green bridal plan says, new personality rose to cameraman and equipment requirement, a lot of newlywed person are nicer to achieve photograph like the effect, select much seat number.

"This year with what differ before it is a lot of new personality chose relatively individualizing bridal theme. " the Cao Chuntian manager of group of red blue green bridal plan tells a reporter, this year, with the bridal theme of professional link up with, if badminton is football wedding, bridal,also suffer fully " 80 hind " new personality is chased after hold in both hands. This makes wedding is drab ceremony no longer, added the color of happy innovation; And relatively traditional spousal, the thematic wedding that is setting with professional colour also accepts new personality favour fully, bridal spot is decorated with before decorate widely different, the stake that should bespread a flower originally is being moved by 10 after the football with dye-in-the-wood flavour is replaced, bridal spot was full of thick professional flavour.
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