Shandong sunshine " Olympic Games marriage " begin to make an appointment regist
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On July 21, the reporter understands from civil administration branch, shandong province married what sunshine city begins 15 days from this month on August 8 register in booking the job to undertaking in the round at present, this second job signing up predicts to ended on August 7. Up to now, port area and city had had 45 pairs of new personality to make an appointment continuously east register.
As a result of a chain of " 8 " block closes together, add can kick off to was gotten that day in the Olympic Games " red " , this year was chased after to boost embarrasses lucky day by many new personality on August 8, choose this day to marry in succession " " . Branch of sunshine city civil administration is comprehensive already ready-made works, the desire that assures new people is able to come true.

According to before the circumstance looks, register that day, new people hard to avoid is excited, add Olympic Games day to register a number more, preparative work is done undeservedly make mistake with respect to hard to avoid. Branch of sunshine city civil administration reminds new people especially, port area reachs city's straight new personality to be able to arrive east east bureau of port area civil administration makes an appointment register, carried the certificate such as good Id, booklet of registered residence certainly that day, check the certificate such as good Id to whether expire ahead of schedule, lest the influence registers working success. Each area county has preparation to registered conjugal new personality to be able to seek advice from relevant matters concerned to branch of local civil administration on August 8.

The reporter still understands, because everybody is squeezed together " Olympic Games marriage " , bring about feast to be ordered hard, marriage car is hired hard, a lot of new personality just chose to got a marriage certificate on August 8, and bridal ceremony picks an auspicious day additionally day is held.