2008 roses grand ceremony (Shenzhen) large collective is bridal
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Olympic Games year it is to marry good year, hold collective wedding demand is driving. 2008 is China most festival Olympic Games is lucky year. Also will be conjugal good year this year, as a result of element of structure of age of our country population, because the Olympic Games was in China first 2008,hold especially, it is worth while that a lot of trendy youths will choose be in in succession compatriots pride and proud Olympic Games year hold wedding, the collective wedding that because this is held,has commemorative sense also makes a kind of vogue of new people and pursuit.

Shenzhen is Chinese marriage celebrates consumption one of the most active markets. According to statistic, only the new personality of Shenzhen registration book amounted to 100 thousand pairs of above 2006. The marriage of Shenzhen celebrates the market to pass 20 old development, market size increases ceaselessly, especially 2008, leap of Shenzhen marriage number, marriage celebrate the market to will achieve 20 billion yuan of above.

Collective wedding is held to will reveal a Shenzhen adequately in Guangdong Shenzhen during the Olympic Games " celebrate together with the Olympic Games, celebrate together with new personality, be the same as with the citizen happy " civilian this concept, of the vigor of the city that shows concentration Shenzhen youth, emigrant city include and marriage the new fashion of the transform social traditions in celebrating an activity, be cultural and ideological progress is specific reflect, it is civilized grand meeting that Shenzhen city image shows.

Shenzhen holds the marriage that has an effect in total national capital successfully already to celebrate exposition. The rich of Shenzhen international marriage that sponsors by union of Shenzhen town trade can hold two successfully already, the first present audience 20 thousand much; The 2nd is exhibited can induct view exhibit a crowd to be as high as 50 thousand. Marriage of international of the 3rd 2008 Shenzhen celebrates section dimensions to amount to 10000 Duopingmi, exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously at was in Shenzhen to meet to 6 days 8 years on April 3. Celebrate service industry catenary for effective and outspread marriage, marriage of China of service new personality, conduct propaganda celebrates culture, marriage rich can sponsor union of trade of square Shenzhen town to will combine social all circles to be held at was in Shenzhen on August 8 " rose grand ceremony " marriage celebrate grand ceremony. Rich of marriage of grand ceremony base oneself upon is met, buckle Olympic Games theme closely, recreational activities, marriage celebrates collect holiday of travel, sweet monthly, bridal grand ceremony at be an organic whole, will great ignite the market, obtain wide attention and participate in, will become the our country Olympic Games is the most dazzling marriage in year to celebrate a brand.

8 large window:
◆ standards is high, resource conformity strength is strong. Marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee, Guangdong to save union of trade of town of tourism bureau, Shenzhen to participate in sponsor, numerous orgnaization assist do
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