Post of individual character happy event makes wedding of individual character r
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This year is Olympic Games wedding, the new personality that marries for this is very much, present new personality likes to go after individual character, pursuit is romantic, the thing that preparation needs on wedding is very much, among them happy post is the most important one part, post of electronic happy event is this year is popular, but also have those who like a tradition. Post of present traditional occasion for celebration also can create an individual character, the satisfaction with very good post of individual character happy event the demand of these new personality, when the marriage of new personality the photograph is designed when be fond of post cover, not simple is an invitation letter, when happy post sends in close friends' hand, can make them fondle admiringly, hold a commemoration day that allow and the effect that collect concurrently.

Remind you need knows made detail:

Happy post - in the process in wedding, especially consistent Zhang Tong knows a book. Its action besides the close friends that can inform you you should marry besides, still can convey bridal message. Be like wedding breakfast, the place of attend a ceremony reachs date, bilateral marriage is waited a moment to who seeming. What be fond of Tie Zhen so is result cannot do not have.
The choice of happy post - the happy post of beautiful Huan of United States annulus, want to choose, not easy really. Proposal but the color of be fond of from you or it is bridal mass-tone tone begins to choose design.
The budget of happy post - the price of happy post goes to a few yuan to have one piece by a few yuan, but fraction is afraid of long plan, should list need asked personnel count so, predicting place requires invitation card amount, how much to calculate the psychological price in calculating the invitation card price that value to compare him heart is poor again next, know what to need expenditure how to many have.
How to predict to be fond of post amount - had listed the list that should invite above all, come according to desk number computative should send how many Zhang Xi note in all, add again next make an appointment with 10~20% , make mistake with hamper budget, send fault or clerical error, more convenient also computation is fond of the budget of post.
Order make individual character be fond of post need to provide what data - the name of accurate bridegroom and bride, the full name of bilateral parents, the date of wedding breakfast, the ground chooses time, salute say period ground chooses time. If you want to show consideration for a few, can provide wedding breakfast and the map that ground of attend a ceremony nods, or the love that is you is enunciative.