Design gauze of 12 meters long marriage to thank a wife to accompany the husband
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New business signs up for dispatch (photography reports reporter Cao Ping) 12 years of marriage, photograph of husband and wife immerses with foam, overcame all difficulty in the life and obstacle with love, they become the individual boss that accomplishs somewhat by worker of a pair of come off sentry duty. Accompany all the way to appreciate what the wife comes 12 years, intentional man gets married in them 12 anniversary day this day, give a wife a gift -- gauze of 12 meters when oneself design with one's own hands long marriage.

Yesterday, the reporter is in Xia Jiahe child saw hero Wang Jiabao and Chen Guixiang, they already. The husband is draping marriage gauze to the wife, on the belt " laurel " . "I design marriage gauze with one's own hands, used full the time of a month, its length is 12 meters, representing the way that 12 years we had taken together. This year is an Olympic Games year, the Olympic Games that there am me to be designed with one's own hands on marriage gauze 5 annulus, have 56 roses, representing 56 nations, marriage gauze is all the area of lay open is 560 square metre, these numbers have special implied meaning. " marital Wang Jiabao tells a reporter.

Wang Jiabao is recollected, "We ever were workers of a pair of come off sentry duty, but we are having to spell interest, come 12 years, experienced a lot of things, affliction, block up is common, but accompany and encourage of the wife only, let me feel warm, felt to force is full of on the body. " Wang Jiabao tells a reporter. "Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person " , time of 12 years, they made their scope of operation eventually. Wang Jiabao is in beautify hair success was made on course of study, win countrywide large award a few times, now already is the young shopkeeper that owns store of a few chain. "Now all everything, I should thank my wife, in the Olympic Games in year us this special wedding anniversary, my on the sly used the time of a month, designed this gift for her. When marrying because of us, the condition does not allow, did not pat marriage gauze to illuminate even, this is me of owing all the time wife. This is me of owing all the time wife..

The spot, the reporter sees already Chen Guixiang touchs wife of 38 years old a few times so that within an inch of weeps, but be smiled finally to replace by what she uses happiness. A little undemonstrative wife looked round to see the marriage gauze with 12 meters long back, resemble a girl that just got married same, covered bashfully the mouth, the extensive in the eye removed tears in eyes.