Fashionable wedding is fond of post guideline
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To bridal happy event the choice of post can mirror one the individual's individual character and bridal air. After all what is current popular trend negligible, and what is indispensable?  
Q: Is invitation in indispensable still today? Why cannot invite a guest with the phone?   

A: The necessity of invitation places fundamental key and atmosphere in the wedding that is you at it. The time that people saves invitation to forget wedding in order to have, date and ground are nodded, some people regard it as even bridal souvenir is saved come down, and the phone invites apparent ground to express to have not enough time to give out written invite. Besides the effect that it can have memorandum book. (the person with a lot of program busy arrangement, relying on a phone to remind only is insufficient) .   

Q: Color---Does the color of happy post want the color form a complete set with other wedding things?   

A: Should form a complete set, invitation places fundamental key for your wedding, this resembles the condition that makes person shoot a glance at bridal, alluring they are attended.   

Q: Are their need and bridal style suitable? (for instance style of Chinese bridal chamber, West style is waited a moment) if need, do this want on average floriferous how many money?   

A: If wedding uses some kind of style, should mirror somewhat on happy post so---Cannot too flowery is too egregious. This may need floriferous dot money, but do not choose an impracticable style.

You still can try to let invitation reflect bridal style, have lacy or lacy invitation normally some more expensive.  

Q: Does traditional to " blame bridal " have why view?   

A: Because this kind of wedding costs a problem, it is miniature mostly, if wedding is in the garden of kind of full flower,hold, can use second birth paper the hand makes note of the happy event that set a flower, as to antediluvian wedding---Do not prevent with traditional decorations, invitation also can send with the means hundreds of years ago. New personality wears the wedding that khaki cloth clothing holds in bush, the minority pattern that can make with second birth paper invitations card, the underwater that needs all guest go under water is bridal, usable conch, Gan Haizao decorates the happy post of invitation.   

Q: To traditional wedding (see ethical culture tradition) , have again why view?   

A: If you think archaize,for instance seal body imprints quarter invitation, that is some more floriferous perhaps money, and if alphabet is different, then you also will surely not find to be willing to be your black-and-white typographer.   

Q: Paper type---Popular now what? Be like: That kind of paper is current the most popular, the most popular?   

A: White green lubricious paper is current very popular, add grid filament belt and bronzing font especially. The postcard of photo of husband and wife of a piece of Yin Youxin marriage also is good idea. Generally speaking, relatively the paper that economic paper includes flax paper or paper of excel second birth. Another kind of incline to is to use reel type invitation card (same very cheap can abstain) .   
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