British bride labors to be carried afternoon in the morning do wedding
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The fiance Pi Deluo that Wu Desi Ma of · of beautiful jade of card of 35 years old of brides mixes British Na Lundui 21 years old this year in May " Feng Zicheng marriage " , she prepares to holding out pregnant to be on red carpet originally. However she is in actuallyBridalLabor ahead of schedule that day morning, was delivered of fat plump son. And after giving birth to the child before long, she hurries to cathedral hurriedly unaltered held wedding. However, because give birth to the body after the child to become slender, she is original " big abdomenMarriage gauze" had suited to wear no longer, can undertake only urgent revise. Taking new student baby to arrive together when bridal spot when Ka Lin, guest all was stupefied.

Wedding labors suddenly that day morning

Last year in September, ka Lin discovers he conceived Pideluo's child. Excited unceasingly Pideluo and Ka Lin were in wedding day surely this year on May 17 afternoon at 2 o'clock, they prepare wedding at the same time, in waiting to block beautiful jade abdomen at the same time, be born fetally. Because fetal expected date of childbirth is by May, so two people believe Ka Lin will " Feng Zicheng marriage " .

Making what did not think of block beautiful jade to daydream however is, the baby in her abdomen is met actually slink two weeks, arrive with respect to ground of too impatient to wait that day morning in wedding the world! Memory blocking beautiful jade says: "Bridal that day in the morning, my abdomen begins pang suddenly to rise, pi Deluo stays in our home, and in the house that my criterion stays in in my elder brother. I realize the child wanted to be born, be in instantly 7:30 the left and right sides heads for hospital of Li Weisa Mu by the taxi, I think all the time on the road: ' this kind of thing ought not to happen! ' " Ka Lin phones Pideluo on the road. Memory says Pideluo: "Hear her hurried breath voice, I just realize this is not fun, I cannot believe all these simply. I cannot believe all these simply..

After Ka Lin is sent a hospital, midwife warns her to say, she comparatives in the hope that gentleman child attended wedding again that day vague, but, because this wedding had arranged several weeks of time, and marriage banquet has been arranged, if bridal change the date, ka Lin and Pideluo will face very big loss. Ka Lin says: "In although I am in,aching acutenessly, but I still pray say: ' let me be delivered of the child quickly as far as possible please, I do not miss our bridal change the date. ' as a result I was controlled at 10 o'clock in the morning that day was delivered of Feinaduo with respect to childbirth, he specialHealthy, weight has 3.32 kilograms. Weight has 3.32 kilograms..

Pi Deluo says: "See a long time austral cost when me, I think: ' I had been father. ' I am in that way proud, the accoucheuse that catchs Ka Lin says, body state of Ka Lin can be in completely attended wedding that day, so I reported this one news to family rapidly. So I reported this one news to family rapidly..
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