Individual character wedding emerges in endlessly
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This year is marriage celebrate busy season, the new personality grow in quantity that marries not only, bridal " individual character " brighter and brighter also, even as marriage the progress that celebrates cause, still derived accompany man like a matron of honour of new personality secretary, profession such new line of business.

Han Shi is bridal


This is with the Chaoxian nationality consuetudinary the nation that is a foundation is bridal. The big gules air that uses with the place on wedding of the Han nationality is different, the colour in Han type wedding is given priority to with white, blue is complementary. Bridal attire is more distinctive also, not only should put on 7 colour to take, the head inserts jasper hairpin, the cheek affixes red circle even " accord with of exorcise evil spirits " . On wedding, the bride should be made the same score from beginning to end move double arm, obscure with wide sleeve the eye is the following place, in order to show bridal be intelligent without seeming so, chasteness. When bridegroom receives a bride to give boudoir, elder people can use the outfit since wooden spoon dip to wait for eight treasures cereal to be scattered on new personality body in the red jujube of annatto Qi Panzhong, longan, earthnut, chestnut, wish they are born early expensive child. Bai Zuxian is held like also be being wanted to resemble wedding of the Han nationality by the bridal bridegroom that the blessing crosses, do obeisance to parents, husband and wife to be opposite do obeisance to " 3 do obeisance to " ceremony, the wedding feast in wearing a matron of honour of ethical dress to accompany man to will be put at flagon of wood of shape of an affectionate couple severally next falls in porcelain cup, glass and golden cup respectively, let new personality drink, signal new personality no matter be like,poor and lowly, riches and honour can be respected guest. After drinking Han Shi to make a cup of wine, new personality wants both hands to carry tea to had lifted the top of head to bow to respect tea to parental elder, treat elder people the bridegroom after drinking tea but help by the arm is worn the bride is answered " new home " , when go out, elder people the eight treasures grain that still can have annatto Qi Panzhong with wooden spoon dip is scattered to newlywed body. After reaching bridegroom home, scatter eight treasures, 3 do obeisance to, drink " make a cup of wine " , respect the ceremony such as tea to still need redo, much nevertheless " insert an egg " the need after custom DD bride takes the door goes to bury the rice that has hull ripe egg the chopstick is used by the crock insert an egg, if can be inserted in two eggs, the meeting after meaning bridal marriage is delivered of twin. Differ with wedding of the Han nationality, in the late evening in marriage banquet, the close friend of new personality is met dance of edge of stagewise edge song " Alilang " , will cheerful mood brings every visitor.

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