Ma of 82 years old of A is asked for publicly marriage
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A few days ago, 82 years old of old ladies and a local media contact Zhejiang, the hope can help her pull wires seek an old partner. Say according to the old lady, young when suffering, feel wedding day still has been done not have now enough. Ask for marriage incident this to cause not small echo in place, up to now, had had 45 senile male sexual desire to the old lady " cast big-leaf hydrangea " .

Wang Shangen is born in Hangzhou, invade because of the Japanese army when ten years old China, escape to Lan Xi to be taken, had done dicker and tailor early or late. At the beginning of 50 time, she and old partner are acquainted and marry, yo has 4 one female. Some earlier year, bark old lady and old partner do the manual work such as children's footwear, economize, the time is gradually good rise.

Last year, the old partner died. She and baby-sitter live together. Food and clothing not anxious, it is little a person that tells changes in temperature, close nest, then she thought of to seek an old partner again for oneself.

Of bark old lady impose marriage requirement very simple: It is goodness of a person's mind; 2 it is the body is close friends. "Economic condition is indifferent to. " old person laugh is breathed out breathe out the ground to say, "Rich man is not actually certain good. I have a very good friend, husband is to retire cadre, as a result she follows baby-sitter about the same, whats should work alive, husband just is moved use an opening. Husband just is moved use an opening..

Have a grandfather child had met with bark old lady, expressed good opinion to her. Nevertheless, bark old lady is right of prospective old partner nag to lose old girl home not at all: "Appropriate, must interact at least 3 two months, ability makes conclusions. Ability makes conclusions..

But, media coverage also brings a few trouble to her. The old lady goes out to give her peculiar look via regular meeting somebody everyday, return somebody to be stolen by steal murmurous. "Be this old lady, so old age still ask for marriage. " the old lady says, her not take to heart, let others say. "