84 years old of old man marry 86 wife 170 children cadge support oneself
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African Nigeria is upper than amounting to a village 84 years old Ba Kaer of cloth of A of · of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of shellfish of · of old man Mohammed married 86 wives in all, fostered at least 170 children! However, mohammed and 86 wife did not work, rely on 170 children to cadge completely ability reluctance maintains daily life pay expenses.

Practise medicine is famous marry 86 wife

According to the report, shellfish of · of Mohammed of 84 years old of old man Luo Abubakaer is African Nigeria north the one before the name teacher than amounting to a village, place is in after retiring practise medicine. Mohammed has a can to say " the world's biggest family " -- he married 86 wives in all, and these 86 wives were delivered of 1-7 renown children for him each, its children gross amounts to 170!

Mohammed great says, because because excellent and medical skill is famed,he is in place,far and near, just can make so each wife ground of be most willing to marries him.

He says: "I never have go actively seeking wife, they want actively to marry me marry without exception. They want actively to marry me marry without exception..

Wife is younger than children

The age in the wife of Mohammed is the oldest already many years old 70, but major wife age just comes forward 20 years old, among them a few young man and woman that a lot of wives compare Mohammed even are even young!

The wife that occupies Mohammed people say, they are acquainted to it when looking for Mohammed to treat a disease likely, and every time Mohammed always can medicine is divided to disease. After because this is become,their disease is cured by the ground like the miracle, produced the feeling of love to Mohammed in succession.

One of Mohammed wives, Sha Li way of 35 years old says especially: "1998, year only I 25 years old am found because of having a headache 74 years old at that time Mohammed demands medical service, after seeing him when me, my headache the symptom disappeared. After that, I adore so that extremely admire to Mohammed, hopeless ground fell in love with him. Thank Allah, I become his wife eventually now. I become his wife eventually now..

It is reported, the major wife of Mohammed lives in than amounting to a village in a dirty and dilapidated big house, only little part wife lives in Mohammed to be located in Nigeria capital Laduosi in the home of city. Because the wife is too much, average every room wants 3 wives at least. Although living conditions is difficult, but 86 wives are without complaint however, allege in succession oneself are " the most cheerful woman on the earth " .

According to saying, in the home, no matter 86 wife still are 170 children, everybody calls Mohammed uniform and affectionately " father " .

A of Ni of one of Mohammed wives, beautiful has been married especially Mohammed 20 years, her memory says, she still is a high school student 20 years ago, the mother is taking her to arrive at that time Mohammed there see a doctor, but after disease cures, type of Mohammed solicit comments proposed to her. Especially sweet memory says beautiful Ni A: "I do not agree at first, because I do not think,marry an old fogey. Later, I married another man, but before long we divorced, final beside I still returned Mohammed. Now, I am the most cheerful woman on whole world. When the man that married to have 86 wife when you, you know he is how to be known patronize a person. You know he is how to be known patronize a person..
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