Ningbo wedding industry has a standardized contract anti-wedding company play
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Wedding news from the Association of Ningbo was informed that since the entry in October, as more people get married on the wedding company increased the number of complaints a month, the only complaints they have received nearly 10 occasions. Complaints include : Wedding service companies shrink, fraud new play word games, new rights have been infringed by people unable to rights protection. These actions not only affect the wedding company's reputation, but also caused the industry a very bad effect. City Wedding Industry Association survey found that most of these complaints with the wedding company does not use formal contracts. "The contract triggered complaints are basically the company to produce their own wedding, and they use new Weaknesses are not familiar with the situation, set a lot of unequal terms. Problems after the new hard rights. " Back in October 2008, the development of industry standards to guide the wedding, wedding services, consumer protection and legal rights of organizations to maintain a fair and just market order. City of Industry, jointly with the Municipal Association of in-depth wedding tune Research and public consultation, based on the law established a "wedding ceremony of Ningbo City service contract" model text, but because the contract language is too detailed, too complicated, many constraints on the wedding service companies, many companies do not Willing to use. City Wedding Industry Association, told reporters that the responsible person, the most recent period, they will vigorously implement the company in the wedding contract specifications in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. "Our Association can not force businesses to use the standardized contract, but it is necessary to remind the new requirements of business use. In order to ensure their own interests, new businesses can require the use of formal contracts. Rejection if the wedding company Formal contract must and consumers, consumers have the right to refuse, and make complaints. "Wedding Industry Association, the official told reporters. Related to remind To seek new wedding service companies, we must first note that there is no business license in the eye-catching spots, there is no license beyond the scope of business; Second, when negotiating specific to every detail, you need to sign cooperation At the same time, requiring businesses to use the formal contract; third, signing the contract, consumers can determine their contract number to the wedding Industry Association Web site or call the authenticity of the contract, the Association recorded the number of contracts the company of Can correspond; Fourth preservation of the hands of the evidence to the relevant departments to facilitate the investigation of complaints and requests.