Freeze time travel Agile open base Clear Water Bay wedding photography
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Shooting at the beach a group of beautiful and romantic wedding, is nowadays a lot of new people to dream dreams. It is in this appeal under Sanya became domestic destination wedding photography, but monotonous scenery of Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay, the high costs of filming, Sanya attractions dispersion status quo tends to make new people feel a little regret. It is in a context of Agile Bay is committed to the new people in Hainan to build a comfortable and elegant, the perfect romantic film "honeymoon" vacation paradise, the Bay of Hainan Agile project site caused by the country's first free to play wedding photography base. Learned that the Bay to its Agile Project Hainan seaside beach, rock group, sales offices, commercial street, between the Pegasus model villas, golf courses, and all free wedding photography as a viewfinder, so that new experience "one-stop -style wedding film "convenient, Clear Water Bay to enjoy the unique scenery of the romantic scenery of the beautiful, like silver bells to listen to a single step imprint of love crisp sound of pure heaven in this sweet love to go on a permanent freeze. In addition, Clear Water Bay, Hainan Agile lyrics also co-channel Habitat International tourist island, Sina launched microblogging "Love Bay" the most beautiful love Proverbs & beautiful wedding collection activities. Lovers are the most beautiful and romantic in China leave the most beach memories, it also can be made by micro-blog and upload romantic love Proverbs wedding. Sweet happy love to share with the world at the same time, there is access to Clear Water Bay, Hainan Agile sent Grand Prize. It is understood that in the wedding photography Agile Bay base in Hainan has the world open, just a week of time, has now received over 120 new people come here for wedding pictures, most of them come from outside the island. A pair of newcomers from Beijing living in an international tourism island lyrics Channel interview that the Bay for the wedding pictures to come to feel very satisfied. "The scenery is really beautiful Clear Water Bay, Sanya basically have all the shooting landscapes here, but definitely worth the pain less, location, interior all in one place, saving time can be multi-point photo shoot. Particularly elegant Clear Water Bay Villas model home music room was beautiful, simple and dull backdrop than the interior, where the camera is really good. " As of this Agile "Love Bay" event capture support agencies - International Wedding Photographic goods is still the head of Mr. Zhang Yuchen Bay on Hainan Agile base full of praise for free wedding photography. Zhang Yuchen said the wedding photography market is now in Sanya has matured, the yearning to Hainan, the country has a strong appeal to newcomers, but many sites are limited in Sanya, many attractions have to pay a fee to use. In addition spots scattered spots often delay between shooting a lot of time. Zhang Yuchen said: "Agile at this time proposed to fight the country's first free Bay wedding photography base I think this is certainly a very good thing, Clear Water Bay unique natural scenery and 'one-stop wedding shot' of facilities, who want to take high-quality wedding and enjoy the leisurely holiday in terms of a new gospel. "