Tianjin will put the wedding industry-standard service implementation responsi
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Reporter from the wedding service industry associations learned in Tianjin, Tianjin wedding industry standard "wedding ceremony celebration the service quality standards" has entered the demonstration phase, is expected to end formally introduced. The standard will be the first domestic Celebration of a wedding ceremony where the industry standards. Quality and Technical Supervision launched by the Tianjin, Tianjin wedding services Trade Association drafting of the development of the "wedding ritual ceremonies industry standards of service quality" has been basically completed. Not long ago, in order to ensure standards Science, objectivity, impartiality and operational, City Council also specialized in wedding wedding hall for the legendary final draft of the standard argument. It is reported that the standard is expected to become the first celebration of a wedding ceremony where the industry Standards, standardization of Tianjin in the wedding industry to create a precedent. According to the relevant staff revealed that in addition to the national standard in the wedding of basic services with the wedding outside the local standards of Tianjin wedding and the wedding industry will be the accreditation of practitioners and businesses combine to allow new people Measure, compared to rule-based wedding services. Such as the national standard in the absence of specific personnel requirements for the wedding, and this will set the local standard host wedding, bridal makeup, photographers, videographers and other employees Responsibility to clear the details of every wedding detail responsibility to the people, consumption can be done in the wedding to lodge complaints.