Exceed the complete strategy that complete marriage gauze photographs
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[how to choose to cover a department] (be economical respect)

1, when inn of affirmatory marriage gauze not inn of should idolatrous famous brand.
Notice you pat a 2-3000 in famous brand inn yuan marriage gauze is illuminated been beening a very large expenses for you, but to with famous brand inn character, this perhaps is the cheapest kind of in their inn photography that cover a department. In famous brand inn filming to new personality the marriage gauze of 10 thousand yuan of above is illuminated at least everyday. If wait to guest cent, so, you also are nevertheless most end the guest that wait. Perhaps be them most one of clients of negligence.

2, after inn of affirmatory marriage gauze, decide you want to spend how many money then, choose to cover a department suitably to film.
Recieve a young lady to no matter your where day goes taking a picture,can give you the conditional —— of a lot of privilege, metropolis as it happens has marriage gauze store all sorts of favourable activity.
Be in those who decide you want to pat to cover is before, had better ask oneself place thinks those who film to book where is the garment district with an optional department. There are a lot of beautiful marriage gauzes in better marriage gauze inn greatly commonly, but cent, the marriage gauze that they place a storefront is the most beautiful certainly, but, that perhaps is the marriage gauze that the ability when filming 10 thousand yuan of marriage gauze are illuminated chooses. What is the dress range that you consider a chosen department is optional, best go ahead of the rest understands, look there is the style that likes without oneself in this limits. If do not have, suggest you change a department, otherwise you pick the clothes in other area is to want to increase fund additionally.
After everything has been decided, choose good time (had better be a cool and bright in the morning, because film,can have indoor scene outer door scene, weather is good very important, and time is very long, had better begin from in the morning, pat otherwise in the evening, you will be tired bend over)

3, do not spend money to be in easily hairdressing of marriage gauze inn (about bringing bottle)
The head should do a few hairdressing to nurse in the home a day night, if face film, eye is stuck,wait, so that the following day the position that the skin holds good.
Film after rising to wash fine face carefully with the grandma that wash a face that day, embellish skin defends wet water on, go up again next frost of the segregation that protect skin. Because arrived marriage gauze inn although here thing has, but, buy in inn these are not the skins that are aimed at you and everybody is used, can call you to feel not wholesome, affect the mood thereby.
In addition, hairdressing of classics “ yoghurt oh two MM remind the sunshine ” that ” and “ rain, specially is a bit more compensatory: Makeup girl can be recommended on makeup before brush a few their protect skin to taste, it is OK that these protect skin to taste of bargain.
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