The marriage gauze stylist of Hollywood style
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Welcome to my homepage Recently, london stylist Jenny Packham is chosen to be 2008 England stylist of optimal marriage gauze, before two years she also is judged to be the stylist of British marriage gauze that has Hollywood color most continuously. "The bride nowadays is fashionable already greatly developmental, brides are being imagined no longer become a princess, they hope to change the goddess that goes up as red carpet in that way like star more. " she says. The evening dress of Jenny Packham also gets of numerous Hollywood female star love, eva Longoria, Hilary Swank, NellyFurtado, Elizabeth Hurley ever put on her design red carpet, " libidinal city " and " 007 royal gambling house " in also had appeared her work. Last month, she is taking series of her 2008 autumn winters to put in week of London fashionable dress 's charge again from Milan.