80 hind halfback is additional gauze illuminates kind of marriage (group plan)
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Nowadays, theme of marriage gauze photography is various, olympic Games wedding, classic amorous feelings, Ou Liu is fashionable... businessman cudgel one's brains for searchs the stunt that attracts a customer.

But traditional marriage gauze is illuminated " 1000 people one side " modelling already was satisfied hard " 80 hind " the demand that accurate new personality does sth unconventional or unorthodox. For this, many accurate new personality go after the personalized marriage gauze with distinctive originality to illuminate in succession, somebody chose subway setting to film marriage according to; Also somebody tries nowadays avant-courier additional kind Ma elegant style; Those who returned somebody to film lead is defended " naked marriage gauze is illuminated " ; Some is completely naked not only, connect even most the life of husband and wife of privacy also filmed go in.

The marriage of subway theme is illuminated

The marriage of subway theme is illuminated

Subway marriage illuminates: Leave for happiness that momently

The subway serves as one of public traffic of big city, changed urban intention at all from dimensional pattern. A lot of white-collars in city should go in the subway everyday, the happening of subway love reason is a how natural thing, the love story with one act beautiful act is being performed everyday.

And the marriage of subway theme is illuminated, want to behave such love just about: Two people rush about severally in flourishing city, meet in the subway next, bosom friend, until love each other; Once had had hesitation and uneasiness, go because of true love finally however; Pause to discover like that momently in some, the person beside before is that individual that he searchs all the time.

Ma elegant marriage illuminates: Move the culminating illusion that overflows small hag

The one big marked characteristic that the modelling design of vogue, avant-courier is Ma elegant style, also be one of faction of Ma elegant style. Since Ma elegant wind blows Yang Cheng, get more and more " 80 hind " of new personality approbate and love. Because of the artistic breath of halfback, it is the artistic characteristic that Ma elegant wind is born and all comes to, suit more " 80 hind " new personality advocates the particular fascination of individual character, ego.

Fashionable avant-courier is one of characteristics that Ma elegant marriage illuminates

Ma elegant wind of the soul 2008 make -- " illusion " , have halfback art and contemporary and humanitarian distinguishing feature. " illusion " the bingle that heroine is having pink and exaggerated eye makeup, wear the most popular this year white seersucker skirt, head Dai Po has dramatic small black hat, solemn to just walked out of the small hag that come from cartoon. And " illusion " hero is low-key a lot of, white business suit matchs white shoe, this body is dressed up is to foil the beauty of heroine admires completely it seems that moving and of preparation.
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