The marriage gauze segment of Cultural Festival of love of associate of a person
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The happiest sweethearts, the sweethearts that comes from Hangzhou has distinguishing feature more, mr Wang this year 45 years old, ms. Li is 44 his cummer years old, it is the age in numerous and young lovers is the oldest, and had not married, after nevertheless the decision attends Cultural Festival of love of · of associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, answer Hangzhou marry. They are opposite for the youth more show reservation, what love nevertheless is more blazing.

Their balloon was blown to run by wind, two people station sees a balloon disappear horizon on the beach, raise a hand femaly to say there there, have little sign only actually.

The most regretful sweethearts, the Wang Chun that comes from Jiangxi Nanchang comes, Hu Linfang, they marry just one year, the happy event that from the know on the net this a long way after the activity attends congratulatory newly-married one year. They were the first pair of sweethearts that go getting marriage gauze that day, because do not have formfitting marriage gauze,do not pass, they are forced to sit in admire show of beach marriage gauze aside.

The seaside runs

Beach marriage gauze is beautiful

The bride treats the lake

Seaside amuse oneself

Put flying balloon