Film the complete preparation of marriage gauze
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Marriage gauze is illuminated have 4 kinds of trap
Chinese quality is promoted 10 thousand lis all right can give out consumptive caution to accurate new people, announced beautiful marriage gauze illuminates 4 medium kinds " rose trap " .
Trap one, beauty flatters the subscription that leaves you. Walk into shadow building when you when the plan understands a situation first, their service personnel is very enthusiastic, tell their shadow building to have what unique technique and service first, tell them to have what favourable requirement again, next ground of do one's best tries to praise to your appearance appearance, say to get give an extravagantly colourful description, if do not choose this to have a place simply,to finally you can feel compunctious. Then you decide in this shadow the building takes a picture, that is about the subscription of prepaid and certain amount.
Trap 2, the change of one word, be widely divergent. One " piece " inside page and one " page " inside page, only the change of one word, let you fall into " final explanation authority puts in a businessman 's charge all " in trap. Trap is set in " page number " on. New personality begins with recieve a young lady to decide inside when page amount, one page is to point to one " piece " inside the two sides of positive and negative of the page, but the chief when filming says with respect to meeting explanation, one page just points to a page number, 10 page number are 5 pieces inside page. When you argue for this, shadow building can take out pretext: "Final explanation authority puts in a businessman 's charge all. "Final explanation authority puts in a businessman 's charge all..
Trap 3, the dress that increase cost ability is formfitting. When taking a picture if new personality puts forward to choose the dress inside order for goods, the young lady holds the dress that come over in the arms basically is not big namely school and comply with her proposal, choose a few dress that increase cost more, after be being chosen so that exceed petty gain more more, the clothes that takes is quite formfitting, and the surtax that consumer wants to pay 1000 yuan more for this at least.
Trap 4, without giving thought to comfortable do not suit, continuously ground promotes all sorts of makeup to cover a department to new personality. If do not change filmed quality to assure very hard; Change bouquet to be able to have the effect that make the finishing point more; The room that changes dress to take an option more more is bigger. A few " much " come down, the purse of new personality also is met rapid shrivelled goes down.
Be aimed at above a variety of trap, the expert that quality goes 10 thousand lis reminds accurate new people, the price that take a picture is the easiest deceptive letting a person, write clearly on advertisement, the marriage gauze coordinate that what covers a department should be how many money, or it is free... but arrived in inn, as the young lady's introduction, you can feel you are more and more muddleheaded, they meet those who tell you the price is higher exceed be to one's profit, the content that includes because of it, sent thing is much also, incite you to choose them to be recommended to you to the utmost, think " ten graduation calculate " cover a department. Be about to marry and had not planned to marry but the friends that can marry after all are polished your fair double look, notice detail, those who avoid to be immersed in marriage gauze to illuminate " rose trap " in.
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