Yunnan the beautiful elfland that gauze of 10 big marriage photographs
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Arboretum of 1. Kunming city

Kunming arboretum is apart from Kunming downtown 12 kilometers, park of as very tall as Gushu black dragon pool formed a well-known view travel area.

The Kunming arboretum gross area that has 60 old histories 44 hectare, it is with Yunnan of introduce a fine variety important tree mixes Chinese herbal medicine of rare flowers, Yunnan, Yunnan one rare endangered plant is Yunnan precious the vivid plant of main content collects garden. Show nearly 4000 kinds to already gathered a plant, set 10 only kind arboretum.

Park of a low bank of earth between fields of 2. Kunming sea

Park of sea a low bank of earth between fields, be located in pool of another name for Yunnan Province in. This grows 4.5 kilometers, wide the 60 senior banks that differ to 300 meters, resemble a dark green jade belt, by another name for Yunnan Province Chi Dongan extends Xiang Xian, village of a low bank of earth between fields of sea of golden home river has east,

SPA of 3. Kunming Bai Lian

Be located in the hot spring of Bai Lian SPA of lakefront of Chinese Kunming Yang Zonghai, the spirit of heaven and earth that inducted lake of high mountain lens is angry, shirt-sleeve vesuvianite is mineral and alimentary, elite of plant of extractive and natural flowers and plants, the SPA balmy therapeutics of door leaf of ooze popular feeling, in the harmony of nature and person, dedication of cypress couplet group gives hot spring of SPA of world top class seascape.

4. Kunming official crosses ancient town

History of ancient town of Guan Du of Kunming city Guan Du district is long, it is one of birthplace of culture of another name for Yunnan Province. Nanzhao Dali country period, it is bank of northeast of pool of another name for Yunnan Province one big market town and traffic communications center. The market town that commerce, handicraft industry develops already was become when bright Qing Dynasty. Develop of buy of bank of Chidong of Feng Zaidian of Nanzhao cabinet patrol east city, set crossing at cochlea hole, make as the official I cross the passageway on the water of westerly bank, instead " Guan Du " . The official crosses ancient town to make an appointment with 5 kilometers in Kunming city the eastpart part.

5. builds water Home Zhu garden

Home Zhu garden is the messuage that Zhu Weiqing of rich gentry of clear minor details's brother builds and ancestral hall, only then build at clear Guang Xunian, classics of around all previous makes an appointment with 30 years, at announce all year eventually completion. This building covers an area of 20 thousand much square metre, among them floor area 5000 much square metre, main body building is shown " vertical 4 horizontal strokes 3 " layout, to build water typical paratactic couplet discharges combined-type dweller to build a group. The room abandons pattern sleek, compound layer goes alternate to enter, plan have size small yard 42. Groups of whole structures are elegant and steep backbone upturned eaves, carved beams and painted rafters, elegant.
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