Choose pair of fittings to illume your marriage gauze modelling
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In a such sweet season, shu Shuang's weather makes accurate bride god clear enrage bright. Had chosen to suit oneself after beautiful marriage gauze, fittings can have the effect that make the finishing point, the nobility that increases you is temperamental. The marriage gauze of different style needs different tie-in kind, although be white marriage gauze, also have a variety of aspect show pattern.

Style1 elegant goddess

Collocation wants a place: Want to become an elegant bride, the gauze of skirt end marriage that pulls the land is not 2 choices, it can show the figure that chooses high not only, all can show the elegant temperament like your royalty on red carpet more, a bit wide the design that place, can adorn line of below half body.

Collocation wants a place: The marriage gauze of elegant style and gem fittings are in choose go up to should pay attention to a choice particularly the delicate, lump design that shoulds not be too big, the design of flowers and plants expresses exquisite female aesthetic feeling the most easily. Rose flowers of white is combined or hold the optimal choice in the flower in both hands, of composition of a picture of slender circle of choice of marriage gauze formal attire hold a flower in both hands, can make bridal hand ministry beautiful line is highlighted come out.

Style2 is melting but person

Collocation wants a place: Preference famille rose and handsome the melting bride of the style, optional choose places the marriage gauze that strengthens fleeciness design partly in skirt, if spend He Lei silk in order to break to regard formal attire as detail, must notice lubricious harmonic proportional collocation, lest cause,combat the effect blatantly. On the choice of gem, also want to notice diamond or lapidary design scale euqally, lest detail of too much formal attire is mixed,deserve to act the role of cause interference of each other vision.

Collocation wants a place: Trifling pink attune is the typical and tie-in method that increases melting result, in addition, the jewelry that heart form designs is acted the role of article, it is the first selection that makes melting result more, tie-in formal attire wears the bud silk of the move, more add sweet effect of whole to hundred.

Bride of Style3 individual character

Collocation wants a place: Like wanting to follow others, also consider melting or dignified course, have self-confidence and the bride that knows ego style, the choice needs to leave time one time really when marriage gauze. What depend on clipping mainly is special with concise, plus the makeup look of individual character and hairstyle. Act the role of the key that tastes fittings, the large chain with optional choose bold line drops or dangler, present ego vogue point of view.

Collocation wants a place: Not be every woman wants to become melting and lovely bride, or the easy bride that is dignified model, the individual character that him expression holds strongly female, the marriage gauze that can choose extraordinary will present ego style. Fleeciness skirt places unconventional or daggle grows the formal attire of end, had seen everywhere, the figure advantage that should be aimed at oneself chooses to have the marriage gauze of individual style. In adorn taste a respect, can choose bold and the jewelry that lump designs, add individual character idiosyncratic.
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