Does the bride film according to how marriage gauze places POSE?
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"Live probably in illuminating, a lot of girls are the ace that places POSE, need not a lot of decorate, not sedulous and feigned, the day becomes the figure nature in the photograph. But marriage gauze is illuminated have oneself specific aesthetic demand, movement cannot optional cannot feigned. " the characteristic that speaks of marriage gauze to illuminate POSE, the senior cameraman of Hangzhou people speak with fervor and assurance, raised many good proposals.

They think generally, if bridal camera lens feels poorer, can lengthen film time, make new personality and cameraman both sides whacked, also affect picture quality naturally, if can consult before take a picture the marriage gauze of other is illuminated more, learn to learn how to place POSE correctly more, such can get twice the result with half the effort.

Take a picture TIPS

Take a picture before today preparation

● shampoo, this are very important, it is OK to do not think him hair is not oily little ground is lazy oh.

● strengthens facial cutaneous to protect wet. The apply when taking a picture to sleep in the evening before today piece face film, can let the skin appear smooth and bouncy, go up makeup easy also.

● prepares the business suit of husband, cravat, shirt and sock, although marriage celebrate a company to also have, but oneself business suit is more close-fitting. Need prepares a pair of black leather shoes to take a pair of pure white socks and black hose each.

● prepares two pairs of bridal shoe, a pair of gym shoes that wear on foot, a leather shoes that come can be shown when one pair takes a picture.

● straw, convenient take a picture to drank water that day.

● prepares a big package, the thing that can use place is put in, avoid to appear the phenomenon of the thing.

Before ● takes a picture one evening decreases water, avoid eye dropsy.

● should blow armpit hair except.

● bridegroom shaves good beard in taking a picture to was in the home by oneself that day.

The preparation that day

● is punctual get up, take a picture time is very close that day, must move alarm clock or mobile phone the condition that be troubled by a bell.

● needed to put on that day reach corset without aglet underwear.

● avoid by all means is not in in the home on proper motion makeup, it is OK to should wipe latex of the skin that nod embellish only.

If ● has high myopia person, had better wear invisible glasses. Film carry change of in an attempt to of two pairs of glasses that day, the person that be like glasses of the form that wear concealed, should in advance tries to wear and carry clean fluid.

Place marriage gauze to illuminate POSE

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