Open up of Yangzhou ancient canal " the marriage on water is celebrated swim "
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Welcome to my homepage Since Yangzhou visits a line to debut oneself on ancient canal water, get all the time of Yangzhou citizen and Lai Yangjia guest reputably. Reporter yesterday learns from company of ancient canal travel, what read a line as water upper reaches is increasingly mature, the marriage on water is rolled out to celebrate on the foundation that ancient canal will swim in the sightseeing on water swim, this year spring makes new window. In light of the plan that from ancient canal travel company devises, "The marriage on water is celebrated swim " will use special decorate " greet boat kissing a flower " , garland is decorated inside cabin, double happiness is stuck on glass, two side decorate bow beautiful path, the two side outside the boat are hanged red silken with safflower. Bridegroom can stand fore hand holds a flower in both hands to receive a bride, the bride is stepping red carpet to ascend aboard. Fore of a pair of new personality has the department the anchor chain of red silken tape to uproot jointly, divine marriage still will be held to celebrate a ceremony in road, let chiliad canal witness everlasting love. Current, company of ancient canal travel already covered program around this elaborate ready-made, citizen and tourist can participate in this not to have interest before long " the marriage on water is celebrated swim " .