Marriage celebrate concoctive plan example
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One. Guide language: Everybody is being imagined, imagine move him general to became a resplendent princess that day in wedding, but somebody is full of however confused, how confused him move should hold the wedding that does his? How should limited fund face huge bridal expense? Below normal circumstance, everybody hopes his wedding is extraordinary, one is having the wedding of own characteristic completely. Accordingly, no matter be,the in advance that manage is held in wedding, the thing counteracts after the event, also no matter be the important matter about wedding, bagatelle, bridal adviser will give counsel for you. The following article is the one part wedding that made in June 2004 for a pair of new personality concoctive plan, offer reference only.

2. Data of new personality setting: Bridegroom: Into ** , nation of manager of some company advanced business: Chinese height: 1.84m weight: 82kg blood type: 0 disposition: Optimistic, amiable. Hobby: Net bug, sports, make friend. Record of formal schooling: Place of university undergraduate course learns major: Computer marriage loves a circumstance: First marriage bride: * , some company finance affairs is in charge of a nation: Chinese height: 1.68 weight: 51kg blood type: B disposition: Slant extroversion hobby: Net bug, music, swim. Record of formal schooling: Place of university undergraduate course learns major: Financial marriage loves a circumstance: First marriage

3. Bridal requirement: 1 grave and divine feeling, after all the important matter that this is life. The atmosphere with 2 outstanding sweet romance. 3 have a few new originality, but the actual condition that also should accord with us. The meeting on 4 wedding has a lot of elder and leader, so we had better have the opportunity that represents respect to them. 5 common and not low common. The time of 6 ceremonies should not grow too, 30 minutes of less than.

4. Bridal budget: RMB 3-4 10 thousand yuan of RMBs. Have dinner 15 gush of 1580 × draw 2 flowers of × of 61.4M of × of 1.2M of pillar of flower of 7.2 × 3.6M 1 red carpet of arch × 1 flower of 50M × series: (car flower, hand holds flower, bosom flower, leaf in both hands) 1 cameraman of makeup girl × 1 cameraman of × × 1 dress of × of 1 assistant cameraman (white gauze, formal attire 2, cheongsam 1) 1 hubble-bubble of × of the lamp that chase after light 1 aerosol of machine × 1 compere of machine × 1 charge of × general budget: 39930 yuan

5. Predicting guest: 200 people guest comprises: Man relatives and friends- - 50 people are controlled (include man relative 10 people, 10 people of man parents friend, bridegroom sea puts in a classmate 's charge 10 people, 20 people of work in the same placing of bridegroom location company) woman relatives and friends- - 130 people are controlled (include woman relative 30 people, 30 people of fellow student of college of woman father and mother, 30 people of work in the same placing of unit of woman father and mother, 10 people of bridal college fellow student, 30 people of bridal unit work in the same placing)
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