Chengdu boss 400 thousand hold royal wedding
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"5, 4, 3, 2, 1... phut! " about 2.5 meters white crystal ball opens a diameter suddenly, wear the bridegroom of formal attire of blue-black royalty prince and the bride that wear white marriage gauze, the hand pulls a hand to appear before everybody, many 800 guest is held in the arms instantly with enthusiastic applause and hubbub... yesterday morning, a luxurious and grand royalty marriage law exhibits central crystal hall to perform in new meeting, bridegroom is like free to marry bridal king dimension with Laosilaisi not only, invite band show, two-men to be a dancing partner, still invite " royal armed escort " aid blast, " royalty gun salute " moved bridal site. As we have learned, this wedding costs 400 thousand yuan or so, be till Chengdu is current this year most the wedding of ostentation and extravagance.

Romantic and crystal hall decorates beautiful ocean

In the morning 11 when make, a Laosilaisi that is dressed up by the flower arrives at new meeting to exhibit a center, bridegroom Xiao Chang holds in the arms from the car the bride that gives beauty, come to spot of wedding of hall of 5 buildings crystal.

Those who meet newlywed person is the flower corridor that is as long as 20 meters, white rose ball-flower and style lead new personality to come to stage of indoor lawn sign in. 15 meters long sign in table bespreads rose valve, move into lawn of indoor 30 much smoother rice repeatedly " carpet " going up also is a flower completely. Combination of band of cello of group of a 6 people is by sign in stage, serve beautiful song for guest. Hall entry point has a small-sized stage, the white crystal ball that a diameter makes an appointment with 2.5 meters above attracted visitor people curious look. The staff member is being gone to in aerate, expand gradually the balloon that rise did not hold whole stage a little while.

As a child arena arrives bridal advocate arena is a nearly 100 meters long white carpet, both sides decorated road of 12 globose flowers to bring respectively, full various small candle is inserted in the flower. Advocate on arena, still have 3 giant flower arch, what with 3 jackknife places is 8 meters tall, wide the maize setting heavy curtain that makes an appointment with 12 meters. Additional, there is one to hold blooming horse's hoof lotus in both hands on every dinner table, 2800 crystal hall of Duopingmi were decorated beautiful ocean.

Better to assure visitor watch wedding, of the hall all around what still 4 make an appointment with 6 meters high is giant the electron displays screen, camera of a rocker will give visitor " spot direct seeding " bridal what is actually happening.
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