Bridal plan - bar holds bridal celebration
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Scatter next roses in all places of bar, no matter be stage or desk and chair, be in next a sunshine is bright afternoon, sunshine come down in torrents is entered room, on all chairs " dresses up on " flower form, the guest comes in in succession, you the romantic love story of two people, had been in gently in musical sound, projected on big screen, guests are enjoying a picture at the same time, taking a in the hand to taste winelist at the same time, (yes, this is a wedding not only, also be one tastes bender) . And the goblet of every guest is fixed at the beginning, and special design has been made, imprint on goblet the name that has a guest, including a cup of mat is have originality so, because imprinting on cup mat,your marriage is illuminated, and if still having a blessing: Embrace you to be beside, become you to give birth to the gift that hit the target.

Wedding is held to need not wear marriage gauze in bar, still can wear a mask, hold a masquerade pretty good also. Stagewise, can place a giant candle, ignite next, let it enlighten all the time. In the time that provides in this, the guest sings at will, should sing when " loves " word, bridal bridegroom is about to embrace a kiss, when male guest is sung, it is bridegroom embraces kiss bride actively, vice versa. If the guest's rhythm is controlled very well, that bride bridegroom will become the " plaything " in your hand, so they become scenic protagonist, passed the strong interest that bout performs fully.

1. appeal is nodded

(1) sing

The sweetheart's singing at that time the most beautiful, so we can hear the language with their the most beautiful heart, hear the song of those love especially, everybody can be touched subsequently.

(2) stage

You should decorate it well, especially those good wine, be your identity simply then is indicative. This place has a division that move wine even, grow those who get Shuai Shuai, go up in his hand when those actions that move wine again and again when, occasionally can affection confuses the feeling of meaning chaos.

(3) rose valve

The flower of the rose is sweet the breath with beautiful wine, this world's sweetest different thing, send out ceaselessly inside the warmth of sunshine. Should have musical light play music, when singing is sung, the person must feel all these adequately, this is good, but good thing always stays very short, let us be cherished together so, more important is, we should learn to enjoy.

2. area arranges a place

(1) arena

The habit of each one is different, scenic design can resemble the living theatre same, also can put a chair, still can have mike only. But my feeling, man (woman) the most beautiful when sitting to sing, the sense is the realest.

(2) the candle

The new life that is you ignites light!

(3) flower of the back of the chair

Because can taste wine at the same time so, at the same time of close quarters smell the pure and fresh flower in coming from nature then became sweet. These two kinds of flavour are one kind matchs absolutely simply, do not believe you to try.
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